Could Jay-Z and Beyonce Be the Next Barack and Michelle?


Could Jay-Z and Beyonce become another positive influence for marriage and black families, like Barack & Michelle Obama?

  By: A.J. Niles

Writer Arlene Jones, of the Austin Weekly News, proclaims Jay-Z is in an excellent position to raise the bar and expectations of black fatherhood.

Jay-Z appeared on Oprah’s Master Class this past Sunday and discussed being a dad to his daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. Jay-Z says, “…at the end of the day, I just know I’ll probably have the worst, spoiled little kid ever.” Many people have been critical of Jay’s possible spoiling of Blue, since most parents view the spoiling of a child as a symbol of bad parenting. In response to this quote and to the critics, Arlene writes,

It is also very easy to take what Jay Z said and critique it out of context. The reality of a spoiled-rotten 2-year-old can bring sensitivities to any parent who has had to deal with them.

Arlene would like to see the critics of Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce focus their attention on other “black folks for their continued out-of-wedlock birthrates”.

Jay Z and Beyonce followed a path that is more traditional than anything. They dated, they got engaged, they got married, and then years later they had a child. Blue Ivy is now in the minority for black children because she has a married mother and father.

I’d like to see Jay Z go on a rant and tell black males to acknowledge their children. Notice I used the term “males” and not “men,” simply because a real man would never deny his child. Out-of-wedlock births and the men who deny their progeny are the main reasons for so much of the chaos that is now considered normal in the black community. And the problem isn’t one-sided because far too many of those very children were created on purpose by women who believed that a baby would hold onto a man who wasn’t that interested in them to begin with.

There are way more things to be critical of than Jay-Z’s possible, well most-likely spoiling of his daughter. As Arlene pointed out, we do need to focus our attention to the fact that there are too many black people and other minorities having children out-of-wedlock, making it difficult to raise children in a positive environment.

Jay-Z and Beyonce may just very well be that positive influence, like Barack and Michelle Obama, that Black America needs to inspire them to become positive role-models for their children. Despite criticisms of either artist, both waited until marriage to start a family. Beyonce isn’t just another baby momma to some well known ex drug dealing rapper. She’s a wife, and Jay Z is a black man who decided it would be best to marry the woman he had dated for several years before having children together.

Many black people look up to Barack and Michelle and look at them as an example for how the black family should be. If people look towards Jay-Z and Beyonce the same way, for all of the same reasons, so be it. We need more positive examples of black families anyway.




  1. Wouldnt they have to first have a REAL marriage before being compared to Barack and Michelle? Obama may have taken drugs at one point, but Jay Z sold them. Not a fair comparison!

  2. Let’s see. Michelle has a law degree, Beyonce doesn’t even have a high school diploma. Jay-Z was a drug dealer, Barack was a senator, now President. This comparison is definitely one I can’t agree with. By the way, I have a college degree. Maybe that’s why my standards are higher than Jay and Bey.

  3. Debra you have a college degree, and yet, you’re probably broke and underpaid. Meanwhile Jay and Bey are debt free and CEO’s without college degrees. You haters are delusional. A college degree doesn’t make you better.

    1. No a college degree doesn’t make you better than anyone.
      At the same time education is important you are correct jay z and beyonce has money
      But how many of these entertainers kids you see with high iqs how many of them are c e o yet their parents slave and get paid well from companies their children can’t own when they get older.
      So college and getting a degree shows that we can use our education to build not just money.

  4. So 10 years later, people are still claiming Jay and Bey have a “fake” relationship? How pathetic. Don’t be mad that Beyonce, even without a high school degree, waited until a man married her to have his babies. She has an amazing career and doesn’t deserve the hate she gets.

  5. Wouldn’t a good father acknowledge all of his kids? Doesn’t Jay have a son already? Why doesn’t anyone ever see him with his other child? And because of that, I can’t see him being a role model to other fathers.

  6. People are missing the whole possibility of this. Did it ever occur to you educated black folks that the non educated black folks need role models too? Neither Jay or Bey have college degrees, yet they didn’t become just another statistic. They got married first, and then had children they could afford to take care of. That should be applauded regardless of how you feel about them or their education level.

  7. How do y’all even know Jay has another kid? Most of y’all take everything you read on those gossip blogs as facts. That’s ignorant and telling about a lot of you. People can make up anything, slap it on a blog, and dummies will treat it like the gospel. Sad!

  8. Debra also forgot to add that Michelle also birthed her own children and didn’t walk around stuffing pillows under her shirts because she wanted attention. Michelle is a real woman.

  9. Fee Fee you’re the dummy I was referring to. Again, stop taking gossip blogs as truth. And if, and I do mean if, Beyonce did use a surrogate, that’s exactly why she would never admit it. Simpletons like you associate womanhood with being able to have babies. What is this, the 1930s?

  10. No I’m not a stan. I’m just tired off seing black women gang up on one woman they have never met. And this a woman who isn’t on drugs or behaving erratic in public. Beyonce proves that most of y’all still have the same mentality you had in high school. “She think she cute.” Grow up you miserable heifers.

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