Rihanna Removes Chris Brown From Twitter Feed

Rihanna supposedly removes Chris Brown from her Twitter feed after he disses her on a new song. Is this childish or a smart move?

By: A.J. Niles

Chris Brown released a new freestlye on the internet today, which included lyrics that many, including Rihanna herself, attacked her. The song, which used Kanye West’s “Way Too Cold” instrumental, featured these lyrics,

“Don’t fu*k with my old bitches like a bad fur/Every industry n-gga done had her/Trick or treat like a pumpkin just to smash her/Bitches breaking codes, but I’m the password.”‘

As a result of the song’s release, Rihanna took to twitter to express her displeasure of the song.

Then Chris Brown took to Twitter to defend his artistic integrity.

As a result of this, Rihanna supposedly removed Chris Brown from her follow list on Twitter. Both tweets have been since removed. Was this a smart move for both artists or just plain childish?


    1. Note from Admin (A.J.)

      The Braxton story had to be remove due to video embedding issues (it would not work with iOS devices). It will be back up as soon as the embedding issues are resolved!

  1. They aren’t healthy for each other. I have been saying this for months: Chris doesn’t want her. He has finally moved on. The relationship he has now seems real to me. Maybe Rihanna’s behavior reminded him why she’s not for him anymore.

    1. Rihanna’s behavior hasn’t been all that attractive lately. I don’t think he wants her either, which would explain her whole I don’t give a — attitude. Every woman pretends to not care when they are hurting.

  2. The song was too much. It’s not a good look for the same dude who went through hell because he decided to put his hands on a woman. He still hasn’t shown the public that he has learned how to handle his anger. The song is disrespectful and I do think he was talking about Rihanna.

  3. Both of these CHILDREN need to move on! They should have never done the song together and started tweeting each other. They do better apart and this just ain’t meant to be!

  4. Never thought I’d say this but he’s too good for her. He made a comeback in his career when everyone was against him, and has multiple businesses popping off. He even has a steady girlfriend. Meanwhile we see Rihanna rolling blunts on the top of her bodyguard’s head, and drunk everyday. Jay Z even has her clone in training. You tell me who’s winning.

    1. Rihanna is drinking and partying hard but that rockstar lifestyle gets lonely real quick. All those booty calls wont take the place of being in someone’s arms every night. That loose lifestyle is going to get her in some real trouble.

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