Willow Smith Regrets Fame And Is Named Most Searched For Celebrity Kid

willow smith red table talks

In the age of those nasty blog commentators, Willow Smith’s one wish is to no longer be famous.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Will Smith is arguably one of the most internationally celebrated black entertainers the world has seen in the last two decades. When he married fellow actress Jada Pinkett-Smith in 1997, all of Black America knew it was only a matter of time before the Smiths would start a family and become a  multimillion dollar power house amongst the Hollywood Elite. With two children, Willow and Jaden, both now stars in their own right with successful bouts in music and film, are now subjected to intense criticisms and nasty speculation that any celebrity must endure in the internet age.

After “Whipping Her Hair Back and Forth,” the commentators immediately decided Willow was no longer a cute innocent celebrity kid, and began to rip her unapologetically to shreds. Will initially would keep Willow from getting on the internet as a way to keep her from reading the nasty comments about herself, but Willow was protected no more once signing up for her own Twitter account. And like most celebrities brave enough to own their own Twitter handlers, she receives some of the most vicious and disgusting tweets from strangers who hate her for no apparent reason, other than she was born into a famous family around the same time when too many people have more internet courage than they need to.

In a recent documentary featuring Willow, Jada, and Jada’s mother, entitled Red Table Talks, all three have a raw discussion of family, their regrets, and the issues that they have with each other.

When asked what Willow wishes she could change in her life, she answers:

“If I had to change one thing about my life, it would probably be, I wouldn’t be famous.”

Ironically, it was also just announced that Willow Smith is currently the most searched for celebrity kid. Bing.com released a new study that indicated that the youngest of the Smith kids is indeed the most popular amongst other well know celeb kids. Blue Ivy follows closely behind.

Perhaps that explains why she seems to be the most picked on celeb kid.


Watch the clip from Red Table Talks below and tell us what you think.



  1. I really feel for this little girl. I think she wanted to sing but didn’t realize how hateful people are. I can’t bring myself to go hard and be so mean spirited to a child. Yeah she dresses weird and her hair isn’t something I would approve for my own child, but people take things way too far.

  2. Powerful video. I remember seeing something on Willow not too long ago and a commentator called her a little dyke in training. It is safe to say that this family invokes some of the nastiest and hateful remarks from BLACK people that I have ever seen. It’s ironic that she and Blue Ivy top the list. I’m sure that’s because there’s plenty of black folks searching for them daily so they can leave the usual hateful comments. Crabs!

  3. Not everyone against them is hateful though. Some of us are genuinely concerned with her well being. I think it is inappropriate for Willow to cut her hair off and dye it every color of the rainbow as an 11 year old. She even dresses and looks more masculine than her brother. Sometimes we can give kids too much freedom. And Willow has too much!

    1. Is she your child though? No! I hate when black folks try to justify being judgmental by saying they are “concerned.” You take issues over superficial things like what she does with her hair and what she wears. You’re not concerned, you’re petty! This young girl sees the world and gets to live her dream. Most adults won’t even get to do that before they die. I’m happy for her!

      1. So you’re happy that an 11 year old is already headed down the road to sexual ambiguity? It’s cool because her parents are famous, right?

        1. What is wrong with you? I dressed like a boy in middle school and then dropped the sneakers for heels by high school. Most children go through phases and then grow out of them as they get older. Stop being so dramatic.

  4. Black people can be too judgmental for me at times. And yeah, I said black people. I say this because it’s the same old juvenile criticisms of this child on every black website. I swear some of y’all never really leave high school. Until this child gets on drugs or ends up in prison, the criticism of Jada and Will’s parenting is invalid. They are providing for their kids, and providing them with the chance to live their dreams. Problem?

  5. I really want to watch this whole documentary. I think we all need to start sitting down with our families and having some honest conversations. So many people could be healed that way. So I applaud the Smiths for once again putting black families in a positive light. I won’t tear them down when they represent us so well.

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