Back Alley Butt-Injections Cause Black Woman to Lose Limbs

A woman loses multiple limbs as a result of a cosmetic surgery gone horribly wrong.

By: A.J. Niles

April Brown is a woman that is forever scared by a back-alley cosmetic surgery gone horribly. According the the Daily Mail,

April Brown suffered life threatening infections after having silicone implants injected into her buttocks.

The procedure was carried out by an unlicenced practitioner in Los Angeles, she said, with complications leading to several stints as a hospital inpatient.

The mother-of-two said that the back-alley procedure was carried out at a ‘pumping party’ by a back-alley doctors.

‘They call it medical grade silicone,’ she said, ‘but a lot of it is industrial grade silicone.’

Last year Brown’s health deteriorated to the point that she was left with no choice but to have all of her limbs removed.

April is just one of many women that fell ill to this dangerous and illegal procedure. This is due to the industrial grade silicone and other materials being used for the injections. The silicone used is toxic to humans. Despite this danger, women, and transgender men that are looking for a way to have a bigger butt seek out people that will operate on them in such unsanitary conditions as a motel room or worse.

In the past year, several cases of illegal butt-injections have come up.

Among the notorious figures was Kimberly Smedley, 45, who pleaded guilty in March to charges she operated an illegal butt-injection practice out of hotel rooms in Baltimore, Washington, Detroit, Philadelphia and New York.She kept the silicone in a water jug for the procedures – and used ‘super glue with cotton balls to prevent silicone leaking out’ of the women’s flesh.

Smedley was investigated last year after one woman fell seriously ill from receiving silicone injections.

She was arrested at a hotel in Washington D.C. as she was preparing to see customers for treatments.

Smedley, who faces five years in prison, will be sentenced in July.




  1. Insecurity is going to be the death of some women. First of all, black women have too much pressure to ,ok a certain way. Black men want big booties with small hips, white folks want us to look like them, then we try to impress each other. We have to get to the point where we just don’t care to please other people. I’m there I wish everyone else would join me.

      1. Not every black man wants a woman with a big butt and there are PLENTY of white men that LOVE black women with big booties.

        1. Not true! White men like a little booty, something that sticks out a little, but on average they view black women as obese. Let’s be honest here.

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