Mary J. Blige – Why? Feat. Rick Ross (Video)


Mary J. Blige releases the video for her third single “Why?” Featuring Rick Ross.

By: A.J.Niles

Mary J. Blige released a new video for her third single, “Why?,” featuring Rick Ross off her third album “My Life 2: The Journey continues, Act 1.” The song itself isn’t very upbeat, as many of the songs off her current album.

The video pushes no artistic boundaries and Rick Ross issues a very standard verse full of his standard braggadocio. The video does nothing to fully display the despair and agony of the song. It almost seems as if this video was quickly thrown together with Rick Ross to feed of the success of Ross and Maybach Music Group in order to maintain slowing album sales. Mary’s album did reach gold status (500,000 copies sold) as of march but is currently no where near the top 50 of the Billboard Top 200 charts.

At the beginning of the video, Mary appears to be depressed, sulking over a bad relationship, as she is on her way to various clubs. She eventually catches up with Ross and their crew, clanking glasses full of Ciroc Vodka and Champagne.

The video culminates with Both Mary and Rick Ross on a stage at the second club dressed in white and performing the ending of the song while white confetti falls.

Check out the video below.



What are your thoughts of the video? Did you enjoy the song? Do you like that Mary is back singing about bad relationships?


  1. I honestly don’t like the depressed, man problems having Mary. I know a lot of people loved her in her My Life days, but I always thought the album was too depressing for my taste. I hate to hear women singing about loving men that treat them badly.

  2. I thought Mary had decided she wanted to sing happy music. And like a couple years ago she said she is going to keep singing happy music even if some of her fans can’t relate. What happened? I’m not feeling this music from her right now because it just seems like she sold out on what she believed to keep miserable people happy.

    1. Yeah I think it’s sad that so many of her fans prefer Mary to be miserable. I didn’t buy the album because I don’t want to support Mary having to be someone she isn’t anymore to keep a bitter a– fan base.

  3. Didn’t Mary break up Kendu and his wife? If she did, when Karma comes around, she’ll have plenty of sadness to sing about. Just sayin.

    1. I’ve heard that before but Mary’s career was repaired once Kendu became her manager. Besides the Burger King chicken wrap fail, her career has been pretty solid since he came on board. But he started off as a drummer I think, so most likely, there’s probably some major dirt on when and how these two got together.

  4. I actually like this song. I think it’s the beat and the fact that Rick Ross is rapping on it though. I’m in a good place relationship wise, so I’m not really trying to her a whole bunch of depressing songs. That ish messes with your spirit and outlook on relationships.

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