Nicki Minaj Says She Doesn’t Use Sex To Sell Records

Just when it’s a known fact that nowadays female rappers have to become over-sexualized puppets to get on in the industry, Nicki Minaj, the current most relevant female rapper, denies it.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj is the most relevant female rapper of the new generation of commercial Hip Hop. While many only thought she’d have a good 15 minutes of fame, she’s had not only 2 platinum albums, but several multimillion endorsement deals and a diverse fan base that most female rappers would ultimately die for.  No matter how people feel about the Head Barbie and Young Money Heavyweight, she has proven that she is indeed a true force to be reckoned with. Despite her undeniable success, not everyone is sold that Nicki is merely successful in a time when artists aren’t really selling many records because  of talent alone.

Accused for relying on a sexy image watered down a tad with cartoonish antics and interesting wardrobe selections; most view Ms. Minaj as nothing more than a gimmick queen. Many question if Nicki would have ever had the huge amount of success she’s had if she didn’t have that booty, and a very sexy wardrobe.

In a recent interview with Showbiz Spy, Nicki denies relying on sex appeal to push records:

“That’s not what I’m about at all. I’m no different to any other girl out there in that way. “I’m all about rapping, writing and acting — nothing else.”

Although we wish female rappers didn’t have to resort to sexed up personae to sell records and achieve cross over success, it’s laughable that Nicki manages to say any of this with a straight face. The Head Barbie sells sex with just about every bizarre outfit she rocks on stage, and just about every music video she’s been in lately. Her lyrics are usually laced with sexuality, and the sad part is no one would probably be talking about her now had she refused to be another female rapper who depends on sex to get by.

As more and more female rappers try to get in the game by using the same antics and the flashing of their female genitalia, can we really be surprised when the tired strategy really begins to work for them?



What are your thoughts? Is Nicki Minaj depending on sex appeal to push records and stay relevant?


  1. Is this Ms. Potato Head looking b-tch serious? You went out and got butt shots just so you could get that come up. Get out of here Nicki!

  2. Her video contradicts everything she does. She always has that fake booty of hers out and about, and her lyrics are usually about sex. If she’s such a boss, why can’t she be the exception to the rule and stop letting the men in the industry tell her who to be?

  3. I have just accepted that she doesn’t have 15 minutes, but actually 30. All I know is that her music continue to get worse each album. So I’m not sure what talent everyone keeps referring to.

  4. These are the requirements to become a successful female rapper:

    1. Have a big booty, injections are perfectly acceptable
    2. Make sure you slept with enough rappers to put you on
    3. Create some wack a– name for your group of delusional fans, ie. Barbies
    4. Wear the most trashiest clothes and take pictures with your crotch exposed
    5. Convince idiots that you’re a symbol of girl power even though men run your career
    6. Make sure you have a sex tape for back up purposes, should become irrelevant in less that 5 years.

    I just helped many of you come up with a reputable plan to pay off your student loans. Be sure to thank me on your first mix tape.

  5. …Says the woman who stripped down to panties and a bra and covered herself with paint for her most recent album cover. I’m over these new age female rappers.

  6. Nicki, the last part of your “stage name” is Minaj, which is a sexual reference to menage a trois. You’re all about sex, from the new booty, to the on stage antics. I would respect you more if you admitted it.

  7. So are y’all really going to clown NIcki for doing what she has to do to make it in the business ran by men? I am pretty sure that if most of you had an opportunity, you would do it the same way in a heartbeat. Stop fronting, you haters!

      1. Must have coming to this website, of all places and posting a comment under the handle “Barbee”.

        F.Y.I: it’s spelled Barbie.

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