Solange Admits She Doesn’t Want Beyonce’s Fame

Out of the two famous Knowles sisters, only one achieved international super stardom. The other admits she doesn’t want that kind of success after all.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Solange Knowles dreamed of becoming a superstar singer. 5 years younger than her big sister Beyonce Knowles, she literally watched her sister become one of the biggest pop stars of the last decade. From girl group days, to solo phenom, Beyonce has achieved the kind of success that Solange once dreamed of as a little kid. But after two commercial bust albums, it is evident that the younger sister may not have the international appeal that Beyonce has had since Destiny’s Child.

There are many factors as to why both sisters weren’t able to have platinum albums and sold out concerts, but Solange has learned that she is comfortable in her own skin, despite the shortcomings in music. She isn’t without talent, and she is just as likable as her older sister. But when it comes to music, Solange isn’t as cookie cutter as Beyonce. She’s a little more adventurous and hard to label music wise. These reasons alone probably are what made her unmarketable in the industry besides being Beyonce’s little sister.

Despite any of this, Solange has managed to find her own identity amidst her big sister’s massive success, just like any other little sister. At 25 years old, Solange is her own person, her own woman, and has her own career outside of the music industry, sort of.

She moonlights as a celebrity DJ in New York, models, and puts together some of the most impeccable outfits for red carpet appearances.

The best part for Solange is that she gets to be a normal mom who can attend PTA meetings without dodging the paps.

After lunch dates with Beyonce become uncomfortable and headlining news on blogs, Solange enjoys the fact that she can eat alone and have very little people acknowledge her. During an interview with the New York Times, she recounts a lunch with Beyonce gone wrong:

“It did not feel like this,” she said, pausing from her steak salad to gesture at diners minding their own business. She wore a flowing white Tucker dress, Alexander Wang heels and powder-blue Prada sunglasses. “I’m so proud,” she added, “of her success, but I could not do that. It’s given me a pretty clear blueprint on what I don’t want to happen.”

I can appreciate that Solange has become her own person and realizes that that kind of fame isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. What are your thoughts?



  1. I actually prefer Solange over Beyonce. Beyonce is cool, but Solange seems to be more down to earth. Her fashion sense is simply fabulous though. She could teach her sister a few things about style. Seriously.

  2. Solange actually makes some pretty good music. I feel like a lot of people slept on her last album. Too bad she’s just going to DJ instead of make music.

  3. Whatever! I can’t stand Beyonce or her little sister. Solange is lying! She is not content with not being a big enough star that people should recognize out in public. She is a nobody and she knows it. And regardless of what she says, she’ll never be cool with that. That is why she is always showing up to red carpets and giving interviews!

    1. I agree with Lee Lee. Look, Solange tries too damn hard. And because she tries so hard to be so much different than Beyonce, both are annoying to me. The only difference is Beyonce doesn’t know how to go away. Ever!

    2. Call me crazy, a stan, or whatever you please but I think that this is how Solange really feels. Noticed she hasn’t been really trying to get back to singing on a serious level. Not everybody wants to be a celebrity who is recognized worldwide. You have absolutely no privacy and it probably gets old real fast for most people.

  4. I don’t blame Solange for wanting a more normal life. Her sister is filthy rich and can basically take care of the entire family financially. Not to mention that her brother in law is also filthy rich. This woman gets to do the things she loves to do, travel, get involved with fashion, and her sister will be there to take care of the bill. I’m not mad at Solo. Both Bey and Solange cause so much jealousy because deep down inside most people wish they were in their shoes. And that’s the truth no one wants to admit.

  5. I love that outfit she has on in the first picture! Solange is fierce period! I’m envious that her sister is a big superstar and she gets to enjoy the perks of that life and still be normal when she wants to be.

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