Writer Claims Drake Is Good Enough To Take Home to Your Mom

Why does Drake keep getting a pass as a good guy?

By: A.J. Niles

Bloomberg is yet another in a growing list of publications that still views Drake as a wholesome, all around good-guy. The article, which is a pretty bland concert review, goes as far as to say that he “may be the first rapper you’d take to tea with your mom. ”

I seriously doubt that any intelligent woman, that isn’t a stripper confused on the difference between modeling and soft-core porn, would have her mother in the same room for tea with Drake.

Drake comes off as a guy that has no substance to him what so ever. I can not imagine a mature man wanting to be involved with a stripper, let alone call her out in a song. More specifically, a mature man is also not going to bash women he was sexually involved with immaturity laced rap lyrics. That behavior is the equivalent to sleeping with a girl and telling your homeboys about the entire sexual escapade. Kissing and telling is somewhat of a b-tch move. And good guys don’t do this.

Clearly, Drake isn’t a good guy when it comes to women. But people, such as the writer of this review, tend to think otherwise.

According to the Bloomberg article,

Drake is starting a U.S. tour and will appeal to those who want a little less machismo from hip hop and a bit more intelligence from their pop.

His European shows give a clue on what to expect. He steers away from routine violence, misogyny and lumpen bravado.

Not that he’s totally exempt from parental-advice stickers. While more lyrically suave than other rappers known for their expletive-infested outbursts, Drake is not profanity-free. There’s a boast about four sexual conquests in a week.

So are we really going to call Drake lyrically-suave? This is a guy that either “sing-song raps” about strippers, sexual conquests or being that fool that drunk-dials an ex-girlfriend, just saying that “you can do better,” when she clearly is by leaving him for in fact better. But, the writer of this article is feeling that his ” lyrics, revolving around the difficulties of being young, rich and famous, comes across better live.”


I bet this writer thinks the supposed Rihanna diss on that song he did with 2-Chainz, “No Lie,” is on the same level as Nas’ “Ether.”

People have got to wake up here. We have to lump Drake with the plethora of other rappers that do nothing but degrade women in their lyrics. Just because someone has wholesome looks that a mom may like, that does not mean that he should get a pass. And I’m sure that the fact that Drake is a bi-racial, Jewish, Canadian rapper continues to keep him from being placed in the same category as all of the other women degrading rappers that continue to flood the radio with garbage.

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  1. I’ve always thought Drake was perhaps gay or bisexual. The reason I say this is because he tries too hard to come off like a ladies man, and most guys who kiss and tell are usually gay and have something to prove. His lyrics are the typical woman hating type, and he only gets away with any of this because he’s biracial. I don’t see why so many black women support him so much.

    1. I agree. No straight man is going to pursue strippers and industry whores. I wish people would begin to see the rap industry for what it really is. It is nothing but an industry full of posers who have no desire to do anything but make money from hating black women. I no longer support most of it.

  2. Never got the hype with Drake. He looks like Bert from Sesame Street and dates hookers. And then takes pictures with them proudly. i.e. look at picture in this post.

  3. I bet if Drake was as dark as Lil’ Wayne, he wouldn’t getting away with the wholesome look while talking mess about black women.

    1. Yes he would and he actually does. Lil Wayne has disrespected black women numerous times and they overwhelmingly support him. I swear I vomit in my mouth a little every time I hear a black woman gush over either one of these clowns.

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