Did Track And Field Star Usain Bolt Dump His White Girlfriend Due To Criticism?

The World’s Fastest Man Usain Bolt received criticism from his fellow Jamaicans for dating a white woman. Did this criticism cause their relationship to end?

By: A.J. Niles

The track & field superstar decided to part ways with his girlfriend recently as the 2012 Olympics near. Bolt’s ex-girl friend is Lubica Slovak, a white fashion designer and athlete from Slovakia. The London Sun reports,

The runner cannot afford any distractions in the lead up to the Games, unidentified sources close to Mr. Bolt told the newspaper.

“He will have plenty of time for relationships. At the moment he’s concentrating on his running career and doesn’t want anything to distract from that,” a source said, according to the London Sun.

“He will have plenty of time for relationships. At the moment he’s concentrating on his running career and doesn’t want anything to distract from that.”

Usain Bolt is currently the world record holder in the 100-meter dash and 200-meter dash and member of the 4 x 200 Jamaican relay team, which holds the world record in this race as well.

Before the break-up of the couple, Usain Bolt received criticism from many in the black Jamaican community who felt it was disheartening for a Jamaican, that is as popular as Bolt decided to date a white woman. A picture of the couple, that was featured in many news publications around the world sparked the controversy.

What is interesting that this break-up occured after Bolt received criticism for dating this woman from his fellow black Jamaicans. It really does seem that the relationship was ended so Bolt could save face in his home country and possibly not lose any endorsement deals in the process. Many athletes have relationships while they train for Olympic competition.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel that the criticism he received caused him to break up with Lubica Slovak?



  1. Man that’s tough but those black Jamaicans don’t play. He is probably still with her on the low and just played along with this to better focus on his career.

  2. I’m a big advocate of black love but I don’t think we should be telling people who to date. They looked genuinely happy and we ought to be supportive of that.

  3. Now you know there is probably a black ex-girlfriend who was with him before he became somebody. And as usual ,he probably kicked her to the curb once the white woman pursued him. Typical!

  4. Now y’all do know it’s 2012 and people can date who the want to right? That also means black women don’t have to be hateful because they too can date any race of men they want. Expand your mind people.

  5. I find it interesting that we are always quick to promote interracial relationships, yet statistics show that whites engage in interracial relationships at a rate of 1%. Yep, 1%! So while we’re cutting down black women and men who still want black love, they see each other as superior to any other race when it comes to marriage. I only wish we had the same mentality about each other!

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