Singer Monica Says She Respects The Women on ‘Basketball Wives’

Despite the petitions, outrage, and outrageous violence; Singer Monica says she respects the ladies of Basketball Wives.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Basketball Wives has ignited a movement amongst black women who are absolutely fed up with how women of color continued to be portrayed at the hands of reality television. Most specifically, black women are tired of being portrayed as angry, violent, neck twisting, eye rolling, table jumping, wine bottle throwing groupies; and have made their voices heard through petitions and social network protests.

These strategies are apparently working as the viewership has drastically declined for the show, and major advertisers have already withdrawn their support. These recent happenings have caused VH1 Executives and Shaunie O’Neal to finally give us answers and reasons for believing that black women would continue to find entertainment in such animalistic behavior.

While most black celebrities such as Star Jones and Jill Scott have shown their disgust with the show and support of the boycott, singer Monica Brown, who is married to Phoenix Suns player Shannon Brown, has chosen to support the stars of the train-wreck in the midst of the nasty controversy..

In a recent interview with Hip Hollywood, Monica shamelessly admits:

“I respect the women on basketball wives because I think that that’s their truth.It’s not different then if you take a group of men from a post office [or] you take a group of men from FEDex [or] the music industry; rappers, actors whatever and there will be different situations that may speak to each other and some of their situations are more similar. Mines is totally different but I respect them because they use that show as a platform to do other things that they love; they own stores, they own cosmetics, they own so many different things. So I don’t have any issues with Basketball Wives at all because I think they are telling their truth. My truth is not like that. You know, my husband is very supportive. He is an amazing man because he is not afraid to be a man.”

I find it kind of sad that a real basketball wife supports grown black women fighting on national television like hood rats. Oh Monica.


  1. I love me some Monica but are we really going to act like we are surprised that she supports hoodrat behavior? She’s a hoodrat too! She’s from the hood part of Atlanta and used to stomp chicks out all the time. Didn’t she beat up Brandy back in the day? Umm…yeah.

  2. Of course she supports them! She is just as ghetto! I was hoping marriage would make her more classy though, but here she is being typical Monica and cosigning hood boogers.

  3. “That’s their truth.” Really Monica? It’s already been confirmed that the damn show is scripted, so how is it their truth? These ladies are paid and encouraged to be violent and tasteless on tv. There is no truth to this garbage. I like Monica, but it seems like every time she opens up her mouth or tweets, I get disappointed.

  4. She’s trying to sound positive but she really just sounds ridiculous. If black women have a problem with how we are being portrayed on television and decide to protest, you should show your support of that. Not show support to the side causing the problem. Just sad.

  5. Everybody uses the term business so loosely these days. Evelyn’s shoe store wasn’t profitable, failed and was closed down. Jen’s lip gloss line isn’t even sold in stores and only comes in 4 colors. Tami’s raggedy tshirts based off her ghetto slogan for the night are too ridiculous to wear in public. And Royce sold how many books exactly? Stop the foolishness Mrs. Brown.

  6. I’m not surprised at all! I’m just glad that black women with college degrees and real careers know better! It’s no surprise that Star, a black attorney with national appeal is the type of woman speaking out against this while Monica supports it.

  7. Let’s see Monica’s latest album just flopped. Looks like she is considering ALL her back up options. Be on the lookout for her BBW debut.

  8. Right so that means beat some1 up open a shoe store berate some1 get a cosmetics line she surely does sound stupid u r right Yeezy mayb we should boycott her azz to what kind of pass is she giving those idiots its like oh black women r real but she also states her black azz doesnt act like that enablers but I guess she iz scared of Tami 2
    Totally ridiculous

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