Willow Smith Shocks Paps With Her Latest Spiked Platform Sneakers

Willow Smith continues to show gawkers her interesting fashion sense, which is mostly composed of platform sneakers, outlandish hats, and Mohawks.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Willow Smith isn’t just the daughter to two major Hollywood Superstars, she’s also a starlet in her own right. With her most recent splash into the music scene with the chart topping “Whip My Hair,” understandably she’s become a normal target for the paparazzi and regular on the celebrity blogs. But she’s notably one of the most interesting when it comes to the whole tribe of celebrity kids, and it’s her unique fashion sense that is no doubt a result of her rebel like style that continues to keep everyone talking. And even some in shock that an 11-year-old could convince her parents to allow her to dress with such fearlessness and disregard to her age.

Whatever Willow decides to wear or do to her hair always ignites a debate about parenting. So it’s no surprise that when Willow decided to rock a very interesting pair of spiked platform sneakers on Mother’s day that the whole internet began immediately chasing Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith with pitchforks and disheartening blog comments.

The shoes that caused an uproar:

I actually find the shoes intriguing for some odd reason. I think for me I just think it’s refreshing that someone as young as Willow has the courage to do what the hell she wants despite the criticisms of others. That takes a lot of courage rather it looks good or not. When I was her age, I had no interests in rocking platforms, but I would hope people didn’t question my parents’ parenting abilities because I opted to dress differently. I was a weirdo at 11, and I turned out to do well in life.

Although that is my take, I can see why Willow causes such a debate amongst others. She has a polarizing sense of style and I have a feeling that she’s only getting started.

What are your thoughts on Willow’s interesting pair of kicks? Would you let your 11-year-old rock platforms?


  1. I wouldn’t let my daughter wear platforms at 11. That’s just too young and I don’t think it’s good long term for her feet. Willow gets plenty of room to express herself and maybe that works for their family. But about these shoes…they are hideous.

  2. Here is grown a– Willow doing what she does best. Not going to school! Jada and Will need to stop being more concerned about her expressing herself than making sure she receives a quality education. She’s going to be as dumb as bag of rocks!

  3. I would not let my child dress this way. She looks like a little boy and her clothes are not flattering. I question why Will and Jada are raising their children in such a way that they behave so grown.

  4. She’s a cute kid but annoying as hell. From the bad music to the terrible fashion choices. You can tell she just got those shoes and wanted to wear them badly because they don’t really fit the look of the overall outfit. It’s like she just threw them on.

  5. This is how your kids will dress when you allow them to treat you like a friend and not a parent. Jada seems to have no control of her kids. It’s just too much freedom.

  6. Why does this child insist on dressing like a tranny? I do hope her fashion sense improves with age. But I won’t call Will and Jada bad parents because of her outlandish “style.” That’s a bit too dramatic I think.

  7. Y’all are too judgmental on this post! LMAO! I actually think her little shoes are cute. And no they aren’t too grown for her age. She’s just exploring fashion and developing her sense of self. It’s normal behavior for creative children. Now simmer down.

  8. Go head Willow. There is nothing wrong with having a little fun with fashion. Get the stick up out your a–es people.

  9. The idea that so much criticism is coming from such a wide diverse audience is such a sad, ignorant fact. Willow Smith is a young talent showing no fear and all courage within the freedom of self expression… learning about herself and what she finds to be pleasing to her desire as a creative soul. Fashion is a source of expression and i believe she did it just right pulling this outfit together matching her red toned hair with her shoes.

    As for Will & Jada raising there kids in an unethical way, all I have to say is that you do not know what happens behind close doors. also, we are talking about two very talented artists, why wouldn’t you expect them to encourage their kids to follow there creative freedom?

    Wake up, and Open your minds people.

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