A Nicki Minaj Fan Almost Kills Herself To Take A Picture

A fan’s overzealous behavior over a picture almost results in an accident, according to Nicki Minaj.

By: A.J. Niles

Fans of many artists and celebrities have been known to exhibit wild and outrageous behavior. Everyone has heard the stories of fans sneaking backstage during concerts and into hotels that run rampant on the internet. There are even stories of overzealous fans chasing celebrities out of malls and restaurants. But a fan of Nicki Minaj may have taken things to another level, a dangerous one to be exact. When Nicki Minaj was on Ellen this past week, she tells a story when one of her fans almost caused a car crash just to get a picture. According to The San Francisco Chronicle:

The rapper admits she rarely gets the chance to drive her luxury pink Bentley out and about anymore because the brightly colored vehicle draws too much attention.

And she was left wide-eyed when she saw one devotee literally risk her life just to take a picture of her pop idol.

Minaj tells Ellen DeGeneres, “Everyone is taping me, like filming me (in her pink car) alongside the highway. People are like, willing to have an accident. A girl literally cut through traffic and made a U-turn so she could put her car in front of my car so she could take a picture.”

Cutting  through traffic just to get a photo of Nicki Minaj in her pink car is obviously dangerous. This behavior even surprised Nicki who is used to wild behavior from her fans. This makes things such as having Nick Minaj sign breasts and butts of her female fans seem very tame.

It’s no wonder why we see people such as Nicki pay out so much money  for 24/7 security. With fans this bizarre, it probably isn’t a bright idea to ride around town in a pink Bentley.

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  1. What?! Why are so many people so stupid when of comes to celebrities? They are just regular human beings, and they aren’t worth risking your life or fighting over. These “barbies” are total idiots.

  2. In more “Do Better News of the Day,” It appears Nicki is still with that raging lunatic who hit her in the face with a suitcase. I guess money really can’t buy common sense.

  3. These celebrities don’t really care about anyone but themselves. Why anyone is a fan of any of these selfish people is beyond my understanding. I am glad no one got hurt though.

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