Beyonce Forgoes Makeup At Recent Broadway Spotting

Post Baby Blue, we’re seeing a different side to Beyonce; one that wears less makeup but exhibits ultra confidence.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

After being crowned “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World” a few weeks ago by People Magazine, Beyonce is indeed showing a different side of her that  could be a result of her new embark on motherhood. Post Baby Blue Ivy, Beyonce is coming off more genuine, down to earth, and incredibly happy; and I must say motherhood looks damn good on her. No longer are we bombarded with images of a stiletto addicted pop-star, but a bare face one who now grabs flats before she reaches for heels. She wears less makeup, rocks ponytails daily, and indulges in the latest Broadway plays before she goes back to chart domination.

And last night, she was spotted at sans makeup backstage at the musical “GHOST.”

beyonce no makeup

Looking incredibly low maintenance with a new mom glow to boot, Beyonce looked radiant in super chic black shorts, and a stylish black and white striped blouse. She wore her hair in a high bun,and had her favorite pair of sunglasses in tow.

beyonce no makeup

While she may be currently enjoying the new addition to the Carter family, she hasn’t been too busy to ponder the idea of having more children soon:

‘I definitely want to have more. I don’t know how many. God knows, I don’t know yet.’

So are you digging the more laid back and fresh-faced Beyonce? Take the poll and tell us in the comment section below.

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  1. Beyonce looks great. I’m the kind of chick that doesn’t wear makeup everyday. So I love to see a more down to earth Beyonce. Pretty women don’t need makeup. And obviously, Bey can pull it off. Cute outfit too.

  2. She looks great! I actually love whole her outfit too. It’s amazing how popping out a baby can make a woman glow.

  3. This woman is so overrated! There are many normal women walking down the street who are just way more attractive. She only gets a pass because she is light skinned!

    1. Y’all kill me with the whole light skin vs. dark skin thing. How are you going be so color pressed with your own people? She’s a pretty woman. Are there prettier women? Sure. But there will always be someone prettier. Stop being so bitter and grow up.

      1. How am I bitter for saying the truth?! Gabriel Union is prettier than Beyonce but you’d never hear that from the white media! Why? Because she is brown skinned! Don’t be such a gullible person!

  4. She’s a pretty girl and looks great without makeup. She’s not the best dresser, but this outfit actually works for her.

  5. Best outfit I’ve seen her wear in a very long time. She actually doesn’t look like a country bumpkin here. I guess Solange is giving her some fashion tips.

  6. I like the outfit, but the purse threw me off a little. And she must love those sunglasses because I swear she wears them in every photo opp she’s been for the last six months. And ya’ll know she didn’t have that baby, but I will go with the flow of the comment section and won’t mention that.

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