Wendy Williams Says Black Women Are Jealous That She Had Plastic Surgery


Wendy Williams feels Black Women are jealous of her because she received plastic surgery.

By: A.J. Niles

Wendy Williams is a television and radio personality that is not one to hold back any punches. She is not afraid to express her opinion and seems not to care how you feel about it one way or another. Wendy definitely spared no feelings about black women that criticize her when she was asked about her own plastic surgery for xoJane’s “makeunder” feature:

“They are jealous. Because if I said to that person, ‘I got the doctor and I’m going to pay for it. Choose three things you want to do,’ believe me, they would get it done. They are very jealous and scared. Scared of what their other friends would say, or to break out of the box and be different. And being black? Ugh, please. My people will not go for any kind of surgery. We are supposed to be natural. Ugh, whatever.”

So lets get this straight; if black women are scared of plastic surgery, why would they be jealous Wendy Williams? Some black women may be concerned that if they get plastic surgery, things may go wrong. Kanye West’s mother, Donda West passed away due to complications from plastic surgery. However, there are countless black women that go for plastic surgery. I guess Wendy has not heard of black women going out had having unlicensed persons inject their backsides with construction-grade silicone.

Many black celebrities have gone under the knife; from Janet Jackson and Jada Pinkett Smith to Star Jones and supposedly Beyonce. If anything, some black women shun plastic surgery because they do not want to look like Wendy Williams. Some people find Wendy Williams unattractive with the surgeries she had and the countless wigs she has worn.

Either way, it seems very facetious for Wendy Williams to say that black women are jealous of her because of plastic surgery.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Wendy Williams?




  1. Wendy actually inspires me not to get plastic surgery or wear tacky weaves. She’s actually been my inspiration for a while. Thank you Wendy.

  2. And what’s wrong with being natural?! I really don’t get this woman. It’s like you want to appreciate her come up considering she’s an ex crackhead and has a thug as a husband, but then she opens up her mouth and says things like this. If you have to change the way you look and get surgery, you have issues.

  3. Wendy you got surgery to fix that hideous face of yours. Unfortunately, it didn’t help a damn thing. By the way, you’re ugly on the inside too.

  4. I really wish Wendy would stop promoting plastic surgery all the time. Not everybody hates the way they look. Hollywood is the place for the insecure, and they seem to really believe everyone is just as insecure as they are. Wrong.

  5. Don’t throw stones at me, but what she said was kind of true for some women. There are plenty of insecure regular black folks and y’all know it.

  6. This women is ugly as hell and its not just about her looks. Why would black women care that wendy got his p-nis removed? Do you boo!!!

  7. Wendy, Wendy why do you think black women are afraid to get plastic surgery, well those of you that has or had it done makes you uglier than you were before you had it done. Those of you that has it done to try and look young your age is still your age no matter what you do to your body. I don’t know anyone in hollywood I would want to look like, to many fakes there and when they do get it done, they over do it. so look at Vivca Fox she just messed herself up now she is on the UGLY list to. When you got your boobs done they don’t go with the rest of your body they are to large and you still look like a MAN.

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