Kelly Rowland Tells Why She Doesn’t Like Talking About Blue Ivy

kelly rowland blue ivy

Kelly Rowland comes clean on why Blue Ivy isn’t her favorite topic these days.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

When Beyonce announced to the world that she was pregnant during a live performance for the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, she probably had no idea that her entire pregnancy and new role as a Mother would become such a controversial one. Every outfit and every interview has been dissected according to every theory. From everything to accusations of utilizing a surrogate, prosthetic tummies and breasts, to even those very conspiracy laced theories involving the use of steroids; Beyonce has become an even more polarizing figure for the gossip addicts and stan wars dependent.

The Knowles family may be the most affected by the scandalous gossip, but even those close to the clan have felt the sting of being in gossip’s latest trenches. Kelly Rowland, who views Beyonce as a sister, has pretty much had enough of the continuous speculations surrounding Beyonce’s new bundle of joy. Hoping that others will allow the family to enjoy their new addition to the Carter family in peace, she’s decided not to make the situation any worse by entertaining those nasty rumors in interviews.

In a recent interview with Showbiz Spy, Kelly explains:

“ There were all kind of reports. Poor baby Blue can’t come into the world without everyone wanting to know her business. She’s just a baby with her mother and father and all the time they have together with their baby is just between them. It’s not between the rest of the world. So every time there is a question (about them) I don’t want to say anything for their sake.”

With so many theories and the ongoing speculation about rather or not Beyonce birthed Blue on her own; it’s safe to say that the superstar may never be able to shake those in need of a conspiracy.


  1. I think Kelly needs to stop talking about Beyonce so much and focus on her own career. It’s damn near non existent at this point.

  2. Kelly is a singer. She has had her own albums and her own success (kind of). It’s insulting that when they interview her she has to spend most of the interview talking about Beyonce.

  3. Kelly isn’t a superstar because of KELLY. It’s not Beyonce’s fault that Kelly continuously picks bad songs that do not have crossover appeal. She is gorgeous and she can dance, yet she’s not making memorable music videos. How long are people going to keep blaming Beyonce for Kelly’s failures? And then she just lost her job on that X-Factor show. She needs to step it up.

    1. I have to agree with you. Kelly has the better voice between her and Beyonce, but she doesn’t pick the best songs. She also doesn’t seem to have cross over appeal and R&B is a sinking ship. I’m not sure what she can do to top the charts at this point. She just doesn’t have that “IT” factor.

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