Police Documents Cite Trayvon Martin Had Marijuana In His System

trayvon martin marijuana

As the trial approaches, more evidence on the Trayvon Martin case goes public.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Weeks after it was announced that George Zimmerman would be charged for murder in the second degree by Special Prosecutor Angela Corey; the Trayvon Martin case continues to evolve as information regarding the night the 17-year-old unarmed black teen was slayed in his father’s neighborhood continue to leak to the press. While the majority of the black community celebrated the arrest and possible putting away of George Zimmerman at the result of a trial, it is evident that a lot of information once hidden will now be revealed and will serve as an important element of the impending trial.

Recent police documents that were released to the media cite marijuana was found in Martin’s system the night of his death. This finding was concluded by an autopsy. The same 200 page of undisclosed documents also reports that Trayvon was shot in his chest by George Zimmerman from a close range.

Also revealed was at least one investigator wanted to charge George Zimmerman for manslaughter. However, the investigator was overruled by his peers. The same investigator also stated that he concluded that the confrontation should have been avoided. This report comes nearly a month after George Zimmerman was finally arrested.

Earlier this week, the documents which included photos and videos, were turned over by the defense attorneys and prosecutors.

The reports also include witness accounts from former coworkers of Zimmerman and former associates.

In the documents, a woman claims that George Zimmerman is an aggressive racist who has a history of initiating confrontations. A former coworker of Indian descent also claims he was bullied and racially taunted by George Zimmerman before reporting him to managers.

A man also labeled as a witness in the reports states he saw both Zimmerman and Martin engaging in a physical confrontation. He states he saw the black teen throwing punches similar to the martial arts style.

Earlier reports of George Zimmerman having possible injuries the night of the controversial shooting may have also been confirmed.

“Bleeding tenderness to his nose, and a small laceration to the back of his head. All injuries have minor bleeding,” Paramedic Michael Brandy writes summarizing the injuries Zimmerman succumbed

What the evidence continues to lack is any proof that Trayvon Martin had any sort of previous criminal history.  Meanwhile, George Zimmerman has been arrested several times, reasons including domestic violence and the assault of a black police officer.



  1. I am disgusted with how they keep using that picture of Trayvon with gold teeth in his mouth. So I guess they are trying to say that golds and weed smoking makes an unarmed black teen worth killing? The more things that come out about Zimmerman, the more I’m convinced that he is an extremely hateful and ignorant human being. Trayvon was killed because he was black and whooped his a–. Period.

  2. Ole boy got his a– handed to him by a 17 year old and decided to kill him to save what was left of his pride. He only went after Trayvon because he was black, but it never occurred to him that he would get his a– handed to him properly. I don’t blame Trayvon for kicking his a–. If some strange man you never seen in your life was following you and stalking you, I’m sure most of us would hand out some a– whoopings.

  3. I always suspected a fight happened that night. I don’t think Trayvon deserved to be killed, but I always thought he most likely felt he needed to defend himself against some strange man following him. I hope his family gets justice.

  4. Can anyone name 5 people that never smoked marijuana before? Because I can’t even think of two. Smoking does not make a person a criminal, nor does gold teeth, or a hoodie. Racial profiling caused this incident, and had Zimmerman listened to the 911 operator Trayvon would be here today. Lock him up and throw away the damn key.

  5. And the character assassination of this child will continue. I agree with the other poster, why in the hell did they have to include that picture at the end with Tray showing off his gold teeth?

    1. Because they have an agenda. The media is one of the most corrupted organizations in the world. They realize they can tell the average human being what to feel and what to think. Don’t even get me started on some of these “urban” blogs. Smh!

      1. Funny that you mention that. I get on folks on here all the time when they post that same old “gossip” they get from the urban gossip blogs. They treat everything they read like fact. And you know which ones I’m talking about. A lot of them would be surprised about who really runs some of these sites and what their agenda really is. As far as this Trayvon Martin case goes, I hope his family gets justice, but we have to be willing for fight for ALL the Trayvon Martins of the world. He’s not the first, nor will he be the last.

  6. Wow. You can really see the cuts on the back of his head. I really hope this man doesn’t get off. Yes, you lost that fight but clearly your life wasn’t in danger. And a shot in the chest though? Why not a shot in the leg? He definitely wanted Trayvon dead.

  7. This whole case hurts my heart. I have a son and I have to talk to him daily about being a black man in this country. We all need to make sure we are talking to out kids about what it means to be black and not to fall for this lie of a post racial America.

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