Rihanna Slaughters Website For Criticizing Her Outfit on Twitter

Rihanna goes in…again.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna is nothing short of a fashion powerhouse. It’s not because she has a flawless sense of style or that she is iconic in such a way that she will change fashion forever like Coco Chanel or Audrey Hepburn; but it’s most likely because Rihanna exhibits the highest levels of confidence in just about anything she wears. No, she doesn’t look good in everything she puts on, but when she wears something, she makes everyone else want to wear it too. No matter how unflattering the attire.

Put this chick in a potato sack, a pair of Jordans, or even an offensive t-shirt; and she still looks good, or at least she’ll act like she does. Rihanna splits her time between singing and modeling by gracing the fashion spreads of the top fashion magazines and she’s even managed to grab Vogue‘s legendary Anna Wintour’s attention is a substantial way, as she has become a regular starlet favorite in between its glossy pages and a usual suspect for front cover dominance.

But not every fashion choice is a good one, even for someone who seemingly appears to walk the runway in her sleep.

While promoting her first blockbuster film Battleship and making plenty of publicity rounds; Rihanna was spotted out baring her midriff in a rather odd combination of garments. When a magazine decided to make Rihanna the subject for it’s fashion “Yay or Nay” article, Rihanna wasn’t too thrilled.

They boldly mentioned Rihanna with the link, and Rihanna promptly went in:

I’m starting to think Rihanna enjoys slaying networks, blogs, magazines, ex boyfriends and haters in one tweet on a daily basis.

And here’s the outfit that caused all the controversy:

Do you think Rihanna pulled this look off or did the critics get it right?

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  1. We get it. She loves her body, but why does she have to show it all the time? Rihanna hasn’t been classy or fab since she had the short haircut. Shame.

  2. Why does she talk so raunchy? I guess she thinks she’s “hard.” I can’t believe anyone finds the things she tweets cute. I find it rather tacky.

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