Black Woman Hits Children With Car After Getting Stabbed By Best Friend

A heated argument between friends leads to death of one and innocent 2-year-old.

 By: Taren Vaughan

Best friend relationships are just like any other relationships that we have. There are those moments when every thing is great between you two. And then are other times when you all are not quite seeing eye-to-eye. Disagreements pop up every now and then but for these two women, their spat had a fatal ending.

This past Thursday in Cleveland, Ohio, best friends Kimberly Black and Sharice Swain were sitting in a car going back and forth with each other at Black’s residence. According to police, it is still unclear what sparked the argument between two women. Apparently though, the argument got real ugly, very quickly.

Black reportedly left the car that they were in, went into her house and brought a knife back outside with her. Toting a dangerous weapon at this point, Black proceeded to stab Swain in the face and neck, causing her great injury. In a panic to get away from her attacker, Swain pressed down on the gas pedal, striking Black’s two young daughters with the car. Sadly, 2-year-old Kimshia Ruffin was killed in the incident. Her sister, 1-year-old Taraji Ruffin survived the impact of the car, suffering minor injuries.

Fleeing the scene, the nude Black was discovered blocks away from the house and arrested that same night.

As for Swain’s actions, her true intentions are not clear. However, Nikki Randall, whose daughter attends school with one of Black’s other children, says that she thinks Swain’s true target was missed:

“It was on purpose,” “She was actually trying to hit the mama.”

The car not only hit innocent children but slammed into a nearby house, causing sizeable damage.

Black will appear in court on Monday. In meantime, this strange sequence of events is still being further investigated.

What a horrible way to end a friendship.




  1. I guess since I’m the first to comment, I might as well be the first to point out the obvious. These two women are gay. This was lover’s quarrel gone bad, and why was the woman who did the stabbing naked? Looks like they were getting it on in the car and a fight occurred. This is just a hot mess all together.

  2. I’m not one to gossip but it sounds like they were fighting because some one wasn’t ready to come out the closet. And it’s probably the same one who told the police they were just “best friends.” Only lovers can become so viscous that quick. A fight like this takes some passion! Sorry to hear that a child lost her life to this foolishness.

  3. I read this and laughed. Hard. I know a child died, but have you ever heard something so incredibly ignorant that you just had to laugh? Yeah. That just happened. Nothing was that important that a stabbing, the death of a child, or a black woman running and hiding in the woods buck naked NEEDED to happen.

  4. But that mugshot…Sigh. This website needs a n-gga moment section. No, seriously. Think about it. And if you decide to do it, credit me and give me a small percentage of the ad revenue. Thanks.

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