“My Boyfriend Looks For Girls On Craigslist”

One reader asks what she should do when she learns of her boyfriend’s Craigslist creeping.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Q. So I did the big no no. I looked through my boyfriend’s email account. He forgot to log out, and I guess deep down inside I was curious anyway. First of all this is an email address that I knew nothing about, so I immediately became suspicious. I know it’s never a good sign when a guy has secret email account. To make a long story short, his inbox was full of messages and pictures from girls he met on Craigslist! These girls were even sending him naked pictures and he was flirting and making plans to see them while I was not around. I cannot believe he would do something like this because we have been together for two years.

When I confronted him, he basically said he loves me and would never do this again. But I don’t believe anything he says anymore. I don’t really want to throw two years down the drain. Should I give him a second chance or just move on?

– Veronica P.


A. Run and never look back. Look, I get that people make mistakes in relationships all the time. But when a man shows you that he is not monogamous, and that he must hunt for something new while being with you for two years; this isn’t the kind of man that you need to be with. Men that actively look for other women while being in relationships usually don’t change later. Some men just aren’t monogamous, and this guy obviously isn’t.

2 years sounds like a long time when it comes to relationships, but time means nothing when someone was splitting that time between you and several others. If you stick with him despite this, he will cheat on you again, and the next time could be even more disrespectful.

Do you really want to be with the guy who looks for random slutty chicks on Craigslist? Just by what you’ve already told me, he doesn’t even sound like marriage material.

Cut your losses, and be thankful that you learned your boyfriend was a whore before you made the mistake of marrying him.

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  1. To the person with this boyfriend, go get tested. Most likely, those were escorts that sent those pictures to your boyfriend and I am 100% sure he was sleeping with them.

  2. The sad part is she was actually asking IF she should leave him. Women need to stop seeking validation for what they already know. We know when it’s time to leave, so why drag it out?

  3. I caught my boyfriend on Craigslist. I left him for 6 months. He promised he never acted on it and even passed a polygraph test so I took him back. Now fast forward to one year. I looked on his phone and boom he did it again and acted on it so now I’m reliving the pain all over again. I obviously broke up with him. Heed your warning !!!!!!!

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