Did Will Smith’s Support Of Gay Marriage Attract Man-Kissing Reporter?

Was actor’s support of same sex unions the reason behind reporter kiss?

By: Taren Vaughan

After two successful films in a row, the Men in Black franchise is back for a third time, starring none other than power combo Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. As the movie is set to hit theaters on May 25th in the U.S., Smith and other cast members have been traveling worldwide to promote the upcoming action flick. Excitement is in the air from moviegoers to the media. However, a reporter in Moscow got a little too excited and tried to give Smith a wet one at the movie premiere there.

His reaction:

“C’mon man, what the hell is your problem buddy?”

His verbal displeasure went quickly to physical as Smith reportedly slapped the reporter across the face. The reporter may have caught a mild one in the jaw but it could have been much worse:

“He’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him,”

First and foremost, what in the hell was that man thinking? That Will Smith was just going to let him kiss up on him without popping him?

Let that have been 50 Cent or a hot head like Ron Artest, that man would have had a bad day. Lucky for him, it was a person who knows how to somewhat keep his cool even in an extremely awkward situation like this.

This bold move may have stemmed from Smith’s recent comments in support of gay marriage. Guess he was just trying to show him his appreciation. Maybe he caught wind of the homosexual rumors that have circulated about Will Smith and thought he would be down to bust some slobs. Who knows what was running through the reporter’s  head. Whatever it was, it got him pimp slapped in front of Red Carpet bystanders.

Quite frankly, we thought Will Smith would have laid his a** out and asked questions later. Or did we?

Was his reaction to the kiss watered down for the movie’s sake?

With Men In Black 3 set to release in theaters this weekend, some might argue that Smith’s reaction to the kiss would not have gone down like that had it not been for the movie coming out. Knocking out a reporter before the release of a movie you are starring in would have been a bad look on his behalf.

What do you think?

Did Smith’s views and support invite the unexpected and unwanted kiss?


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