‘Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada Loves When You Boycott Her

evelyn lozada petition

Evelyn Lozada is the kind of chick who loves when people create petitions about her and make her the face of internet boycotts.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While the VH1 publicity machine continues to make their rounds by making more empty promises of a more positive upcoming season of Basketball Wives; everybody with a brain knows better. And it’s not because we’re jealous that former Basketball¬† groupies are getting checks from acting ratchet on television; but it’s just the we understand that money is the only reason any sane grown woman refuses to walk away from the reality train-wreck.A couple advertisers won’t speak for the rest, and this is exactly why another season of Basketball Wives has already been green-lighted for another season; and why Evelyn and Chad are already being followed by a film crew for her spin off show.

Money talks and too many people are benefiting from the hot ass mess that comes on every Monday night and draws in millions of viewers.

Despite the interesting talk bytes from Evelyn Lozada regarding wanting to show a more positive side on Basketball Wives; Evelyn actually enjoys causing  a little more controversy, in fact, the chick absolutely loves it.

In the era of gossip blogs, Evelyn has taken her notes, and gets how all of this works. No drama, no press. No controversy, no blog time and no clicks. The worst she acts on television, the longer she can stretch out her 15 minutes of fame. Sure we could continue to boycott her, but the culture needs a reevaluation since we’ve created a climate that has made the people behind these antics successful.

And those pesky petitions don’t phase her. Her brand continues to expand while the protest continues. She doesn’t even think Star Jones is relevant enough to put a dagger in her career. In a recent interview with Vibe, Evelyn says the following about Star Jones and that internet petition thousands of you signed:

“I think she’s going to have to get a whole lot of names. Actually, I like the petition and I like the controversy because I’ve learned controversy is good. But I think she’s irrelevant. And she’s using our coattails to get relevant again. Nobody gives a f-ck about her.”

What a sad time for American Television. Like a roach infestation, looks like it will be hard to get rid of these reality television hood rats. A can of Raid, petitions and even boycotts can’t get rid of these terrible people.


  1. As much as it pains me to say this, Evelyn is right. People click on and check for people who have drama going on. How many people go to blogs that only report only good news? She’s probably had more opportunities come from this season (the one where she showed her a– the majority of the time) and chick is landing magazine covers left and right. She was even featured in Essence! Essence y’all. And this is why I no longer support any of these publications. What has the world come to?

  2. I told people they were wasting their time signing that damn petition. They don’t hear you until you stop watching. They had their highest ratings of the season this past week. It’s amazing how people only boycott things for a three weeks and go back to business as usual. All you had to do was stop watching and they could have been off the air already.

  3. It’s amazing how Evelyn deems herself more relevant than a black woman with a law degree who didn’t have to act like a stereotype to pay her bills. Can’t fault her too much because we have made the wrong people too relevant these days. When the Kim K’s and Evelyn’s of the world can do absolutely nothing to contribute to the planet and make bank like they do; we need to be more mad at ourselves for allowing it to get to this point than being mad at them for taking advantage.

  4. These reality shows are hurting everyone from the kids, the folks on the show, the general public, and even the real writers and producers losing their jobs bc networks rather back reality tv than scripted shows. And it’s not just black people. Everyone is hurting from this mess.

  5. People love to grand stand and complain, but every single one of them will tune in. Deep down inside, people love negativity. They rather watch it than watch any positive television.

  6. Welp this right here makes me angry seeing as that I’m college graduate struggling to keep my bills paid. Paid all that money to go to school, while these uneducated baby mommas can make a fortune from being stupid on some reality show. America’s priorities are all jacked up.

  7. This is why I never signed the petition. I don’t give raunchy people my money or support. But I do know that the end of this show is coming, eventually. The cast must know this since all of them are trying to do something on the side. I just want people to stop acting better than thou when they are still tuning in weekly.

  8. She played the hell out of Star Jones though. It did seem like Star was trying to use the situation to bring some attention to herself because what happened to that little master plan she was creating with those black executives? I can’t stand these broads, but Star definitely proved she was all talk. These chicks are coming right back to Vh1 and ain’t nothing changing that because people did more talking than doing.

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