Lil’ Wayne Investigated For Kicking a Fan’s A*s With Skateboard

Be warned, if you take a picture of Lil’ Wayne skateboarding, he may just use that same skateboard to kick your ass.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

No stranger to breaking the law, Rapper Lil’ Wayne and his entourage are currently under investigation for assault. A fan claims after approaching Lil’ Wayne for a picture, a member of his entourage later hit him in the head with a skateboard.

The alleged victim, Alfredo Marino, informed TMZ that the event transpired when he asked for a picture of the Hip Hop star, and later took pictures from his vehicle after Lil’ Wayne declined the initial request. Lil’ Wayne, who obviously viewed this as a form of sneaky disrespect, then approached Marino who was in his car at the time, and promptly told him what would happen to him next:

“Don’t you know all it takes is a word and these motherf-ckers are going to f-ck you up?”

Shortly after making the threats, Marino was attacked by members of the Young Money superstar’s entourage. During the attack, Alfredo was struck and hit over the head with a skateboard. The young man claims he suffered a concussion and vertigo from the assault.

He is seeking compensation for damages and claims that he continues to suffer from the attack.

This isn’t the first time Lil’ Wayne and his entourage have been accused of kicking ass and taking names simply because a fan wanted a photo. In April, another man filed a police report he was also attacked and spit on by the same crew when he attempted to take a picture of Lil’ Wayne. Apparently, this attack was commanded by the Grammy award winning rapper himself.

The kicker? After the beat down and being forced to then delete the pictures,  the entourage then proceeded to beat his bicycle with a skateboard.


  1. I’m sorry, this is hilarious. Weezy obviously doesn’t want any pictures taken because he’s so busy busting his a– trying to be a hipster. Stick to rapping Weezy.

  2. 30 years old and he’s already having a mid life crisis. Some choose cool things like learning to ride motorcycles, but Lil’ Wayne opted for skateboards.

  3. Lil’ Wayne’s crew is going to get him in some real trouble very soon. All that because someone wanted to snap your picture? As a celebrity, shouldn’t he be used to that now? It’s a tad bit ignorant in my opinion.

  4. Weezy’s crew is cold. Beating someone’s a– with a skateboard is the ultimate form of disrespect. It’s like slapping someone with the back of your hand, and walking away like nothing happened. Then he commanded them to do it like a mob boss. Ratchet.

  5. I really don’t see what women see in this man besides his money. The way he goes through baby mommas and sics his entourage on people is sickening.

  6. I have to agree with the other posters who said he’s simply embarrassed and not wanting to be photographed doing something he’s not all that great at, yet. Celebs are human too, and these “fans” most likely wanted pictures of Lil’ Wayne busting his a– trying to learn how to skateboard. I’m pretty sure he peeped game quickly and had his goons handle it. I’m not justifying the behavior, I’m just saying I see a different side to why things turned out the way he did.

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