Nas Confesses That Divorce From Kelis F-d Him Up

Nas lets it be known how “messed up” he was after split from Kelis.

By: Taren Vaughan

When it comes to power couples in the industry, Jay-Z and Beyonce’ have held on to the top spot with ease. There was a point in time though when a new R&B/Rap couple emerged, not giving them a run for their money but definitely drawing in much attention.

R&B singer Kelis and Hip-Hop heavyweight Nas becoming an item was indeed an industry shocker as no one would have ever paired the two together. Dodging the fluke title that many celebrity relationships get, the couple ended up making it official jumping the broom back in 2005. Shortly after, five years to be exact, the couple decided to call a quits for good, influenced by rumors of infidelity constantly floating around and other personal reasons.

Accusations of ditching her while pregnant and having to dish out thousands of dollars in child support, Nas never seemed to sweat the fact that he and Kelis were no more. But he recently let Complex know that he was actually very affected by the nasty split:

“There were times when it didn’t bother me, and there were times when it bothered me a lot. There were times when I was thinking, ‘Damn. I had this s**t all planned out, and now I’ve failed.'”

“That was hard on me, because I don’t like to fail at anything. Accepting that I failed at this relationship—and it was public—messed me up. You ask yourself, ‘How could that person be so cold?’ And I’m sure she felt the same way about me. It was ugly.”

So was he distraught because their marriage didn’t last? Or was he more upset with the fact that they failed in front of millions of people?

Sounds like his ego was damaged the most.

Honestly though, did we expect them to grow old together?


  1. I never thought this relationship was going to work. Nas is too deep and intelligent to last with anyone who isn’t. No shade to Kelis, but she just didn’t come off like she had enough substance to be a wife. She seemed very wild and obnoxious image wise. But by looking at Nas’ track record with women, looks like he has a talent for picking the wrong women.

  2. So Nas was surprised that the psycho looking chick who’s claim to fame was screaming how much she hated a man would be hard to get along with…who knew?

  3. Once we saw how ignorant Nas’ baby momma was, I don’t think anyone was surprised he ended up with Kelis out of all people. Even less surprising was their actual divorce.

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