Usher In Tears During Trial Amidst Drug Allegations

During Usher’s time on the stand during his custody battle between him and ex wife, Tameka Foster, Usher could not fight back tears.

By: A.J. Niles

The ongoing custody battle between Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster takes an interesting turn as Usher was cross examined.  TMZ reports that Usher broke down in tears during his testimony as Tameka’s lawyers attempt to label Usher as a man that would rather take drugs and party than be a father to his two young children. Usher was shown pictures of him at a party in Holland.

The singer admitted to smoking pot in the past, but when the subject turned to his alleged ecstasy use Usher’s lawyer objected.

Usher insisted he never used drugs in front of the children — an allegation Tameka made early in their custody fight — but hedged on the subject of seeing his children while under the influence.

Usher also took the time to tell the court about when Tameka attacked him and his current girlfriend. ABC News reports:

Raymond said in court Monday that he had parked his car at the bottom of a hill some distance from the woman’s home “in an effort to prevent any negative interaction” between Foster and his girlfriend.

Foster asked him repeatedly why he had parked his car so far, and he said he told her to go back inside the house. She refused, and putting down a plate of food she had been holding, followed him to the car.

She walked to the car and pulled the door open “like she wanted to fight,” Raymond said. “She told [Miguel] ‘I’m going to kick your a**, b***h,’” he said.

“We exchanged words. I just told her this was no way to act,” he also said, adding that Foster “threw her plate of food” at his car as he was driving away.

Usher reportedly cut off Tameka’s Saks Fifth Avenue credit card and failed to issue payments to nannies totaling $34,000. While Tameka was on the stand earlier in the court proceedings, she was confronted with claims that she threatened to kill Usher. Tameka said those claims were not true, however she did say that she would “f-ck him up,” giving light to allegations that she is bitter over the divorce.


  1. Look at this old woman loving fool crying on the stand like a child!!!! Had he listened to his MOMMA he wouldn’t be in this position now!!! All he does is run after old bitties and then has the nerve to cheat on them with a more older and crustier bittie!!! I have no sympathy for him!!!!

  2. I’m convinced Usher is in a contest with someone to see just how many older and manly looking women he can find, date and marry before the age of 40. He will win that contest in a landslide at this rate.

  3. I’ve lost so much respect for Usher. Yes he was married to one of the childish women I’ve seen in a very long time, but he shouldn’t have stepped out on her and pranced in front of the cameras with his new chick. He obviously has some real momma issues because every woman he dates is his momma’s age. It’s bizarre and makes me wonder what he is trying to find in these relationships.

  4. It’s sad this divorce had to get so messy but he shouldn’t be surprised considering the personality of the person he is divorcing. I only feel sorry for the kids since both parents are guilty as to why the marriage failed.

  5. You mean to tell me Usher didn’t know Tameka was ghetto enough to try to attack his new girlfriend when she’s been ghetto the whole time they were married? Come on homie.

  6. So now there are dug allegations? Tameka is sparing no blows I see. She is scorned and Usher picked the right one this time. He cheated on Chilli and walked away with a hit album. You cheated on Tameka, now you may lose your kids, and your music sucks. Karma! Had he listened to his momma…

  7. This is why you have to start listening to your loved ones when they ain’t feeling the people you’re dating! If they are your loved ones, they aren’t saying it because they have a hidden agenda. They actually love your behind and they see something you can’t see because you are too busy wearing rose colored glasses. Pay attention when Momma and them don’t like your boo! That is always a red flag!

  8. This is nothing but a 3 ring circus. And I bet you Usher hasn’t learned anything by this because he is doing the same thing right now with his new chick. That heifer is already his new manager. He seems to have an itch to date women who will control every aspect her his personal life and his career. This is what happens to all Momma’s Boys when they grow up. They date women who will be the head of them. It’s weird and makes him extremely creepy to me. Good luck on this one URSH.

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