Caption This: Are Groupies Your Role Models?

When all else fails, put groupies on the cover of your magazine and call them role models.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s clear that reality television stars aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. So eventually they become magazine cover worthy for most publications still trying to stay heavy in the business. Vibe magazine knows these interesting young women aren’t necessarily your role models, but they make you angry enough to sell just enough magazines to keep them relevant in a time when magazines are being killed off by blogs.

It’s a scary time for the magazine publishing business, but do you think we’ve gotten to the point where these reality stars are role models to somebody else, may be a lot younger than you?

Does it make you angry that Evelyn Lozada can throw a bottle of wine at a person and get her on television show out of the deal and magazine cover just to spite you?

In a time where classy and educated women are outnumbered by video vixens and professional athlete chasing groupies, where do we go from here?

Caption this.



    1. LMAO! Yeah, Kandi definitely sticks out like a sore thumb. She’s actually a real business woman and has a legitimate come up. She also carries herself better. So it does make you wonder if she’s only there because NeNe didn’t want to be a part of it. Everyone is controversial, except Kandi.

  1. Look at all the reality tv sell outs. All that neck rolling, weave snatching, and drink throwing finally landed them a magazine cover. interesting.

  2. Kandi- “I smell something. Someone’s breath stinks.” LOL. Kandi’s my girl but she has some weird way of holding her mouth open. It always looks like she smells sh-t in every scene she’s in.

  3. Tamar: “I am only here because I talked about giving one of my band mates fellatio on my reality show.”

  4. This makes me never want to pick up another issue of Vibe again. It really does feel like all the blogs have killed off the original black magazines. I can’t believe they are being featured on the covers now. I know everyone has to eat but this is just sad.

  5. What in the world does Chrissy have on? Beyonce wears a leotard in a couple of her music videos and it takes chicks damn near a decade to retire them out their wardrobes. Help us all.

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