Chris Brown’s Fans May Kill You Over Twitter Beef

Chris Brown took to his Twitter account to tell his fans, known as TeamBreezy, to stop sending John Legend’s fiance death threats.

By: A.J. Niles

Chris Brown has been the center of quite a few controversial things on Twitter. We last reported that Rihanna stopped following him and removed him from her followers list. Now he had to go to Twitter to tell his followers and fans, known as Team Breezy,  to stop sending John Legend’s fiance Chrissy Teigen death threats.

As first mentioned by,

“Team Breezy! Lets stop sending death threats!” Brown tweeted[recently]. “I know y’all bout that life but it’s the wrong message! Ur turning haters into victims!”

Chrissy,the Sports Illustrated model, received this venom from Team Breezy as a response to her tweets critical of Chris Brown’s Billboard Awards performance this past Sunday.

“So excited to see Chris Brown! I love loud and surprising background fits of rage I can hear from the audience!”

“I’m ‘insane’ for talking about it for hours. No mention of how insane you have to be to create 10+ accounts to write me 100s of times,” Teigen ultimately tweeted yesterday in reference to the number of messages she received, many of them belonging to people whose accounts have since been deleted.
As soon s she tweeted her criticisms over his performance, members of Team Breezy quickly took to their Twitter accounts to defend Chris and attack Chrissy. Chrissy did not take these tweets sitting down and she began to throw back barbs of her own.
“Boy you are an angry girl,” she replied to one choice post. “Are you getting paid to act this stupid and ignorant? You are doing it like it’s your f–king job.”

“I said things about EVERYONE who performed. negative and positive. interesting that only one ‘team’ is rabid,” Teigen responded to @BigBadWolf, who wrote to her, “Sorry Boo, but you had to know what was going to happen, you’ve expressed on more than one occasion about your dislike of Chris Brown,after a while it seems like hate and his true fans have always stuck up for him and always will.”

Most of these tweets, including Chris Brown’s plea to his fans have been removed from Twitter.

This seems to be just another in a series of cases that shows why celebrities need to be careful of what they say on social networks and fans need to not take want any celebrity says on Twitter seriously.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Said it before and I’ll say it again…these idiots that call themselves “fans” who worship these false idols (celebs) are the worst kinds of people to ever encounter. You have to be completely stupid to love someody or take a charge for someone you have never even meant personally. Get a life people.

  2. I saw this while it was happening. Some people just have ignorant and ratchet fans. Chris Brown is one of them. I used to really like Chris, but between his Twitter rants and his hood rat mafia, I’ve just decided to take my money elsewhere. I’m too old to be supporting this kind of artist and fan base. I’m glad this chick stood up for herself though.

  3. Everything about the little dude is still angry. His tweets, his fans, and his little rap music. I think he just needs to get his fan base under control. It’s not a good look to be sending out death threats every time dude performs.

  4. You have to give Chrissy a standing ovation. It’s rare that a model can multitask. I’m impressed that she found the time to make John Legend appear heterosexual and tweet such witty comebacks to ghetto people. She’s talented.

  5. I didn’t think there could be anything worse than Beyonce fans. But these hoodboogers take the damn cake. Death threats?!

  6. Chris is catching a lot of slack for lip singing. Chrissy isn’t the only celeb to call him out, Pink did too. Some people will never get over what happened with him and Rihanna. But he’s got to start taking the higher road and encouraging his fans to do the same.

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