HATEmail: “You Black Women Need to Support Tameka Raymond!”

A reader (sort of?) feels like we were biased for the Usher article we published yesterday.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Amanda, you need to be more responsible with the power you have with the things you write about. The post you guys put up about Usher crying in court was totally irresponsible and a poor choice for a married woman! I live in Atlanta just like you do, so I know you know how the real Usher can be. He cheats on every woman he dates and that didn’t change when he married Tameka. I am sick and tired of all the black bloggers (who are mostly women) tearing another black woman apart who was cheated on by her husband. Let me ask you this? Why is Usher always a victim in his life and his failed relationships? He stepped out on his wife and fired his mom, but we are supposed to feel sorry for him? Why? Because he is mediocre singer who can kind of dance? You black women are so childish and catty!

You guys are so quick to tear down another black woman and uplift the man that dogged her. And it doesn’t stop there with celebrities, many do it in real life too! You’ll fight another woman over a man who isn’t even faithful to you!

And all these bloggers are paid to post lies by these celeb’s PR teams! The picture Usher uploaded to his Facebook account was just another strategy to keep you gullible people on his side. Even Tameka said he was just sneaking a look at his phone (which wasn’t supposed to be on in court) and they both laughed because he was on his phone in court. However, you and other bloggers are trying to make it seem like he was sad or crying in that photo.

There are always 3 sides to every story, but why are you people only showing Usher’s side? I met Tameka in person, and she was a total sweetheart. Usher didn’t even want to speak and acted like a jerk; but the same woman all you people loathe was completely down to earth. At least be a Journalist and dig for the entire truth before posting biased information!”


Nicky G.


Thank you for taking the time to read our little corner of the web. I appreciate that despite how you feel about what we post. I understand your frustration, but there are a few things I need to clarify.

The first thing you have to understand is that no one on this staff has chosen a side on this matter. No, we’re not Team Usher or Team Tameka over here. We’re actually Team Raise Your Damn Kids Like Grown Ups on this website. The story put up by my incredible Editor AJ Niles was strictly news–and as we reported, Usher did shed tears on the stand.

Rather or not they are genuine tears is up for debate, but please understand that we and our loyal readers tend to be a little smarter when it comes to the mannerisms of celebrities. I’m well aware of what publicists and money hungry bloggers are capable of doing when they have the power, so I haven’t formed a negative opinion of Tameka besides her childish behavior on Twitter. And I feel that our comment section reflected that of intelligent people who realize that Usher has a part to do in the failure of his marriage.

And regarding black women and your accusation of our need to gang up on other women…I personally feel you should reserve those sentiments for the entire cast of Basketball Wives instead of our readership. We don’t tend to attack anyone but Kim Kardashian, which is actually more deserved.

Maybe you needed to rant, but believe me when I say, we’ve already peeped how Hollywood works over here. Try not to let what you read on the blogs get to you. We all are entitled to our opinions, the only difference is, none of them really matter. Only Tameka and Usher will ever know the whole truth.

Be blessed.

Amanda Anderson-Niles

Editor in Chief


  1. Whoever wrote this is too pressed. I do think people are too quick to bash Tameka and fault her for all of this, but was it necessary to type a whole letter to the one site that actually doesn’t slam Tameka on a daily basis? I’m confused.

  2. This may not be the popular opinion on here today but she’s exactly right about how black women are behaving. The perfect example is in that video. Notice how the two bloggers with the most attitude are the black women? This woman was prejudged as soon as folks found out they were together. People are even going in on his new girlfriend. They go in on Tameka harder because she bites back. But let’s not sit here and act like black women don’t enjoy ganging up on the regular chicks that end up with celebs.

  3. What the hell? I didn’t see anything wrong with what y’all posted yesterday. This Nicky person is childish and should instead write letters to the main bloggers dragging Tameka right now. We all know who those people are, and yes they are all black women. There was truth to what she said, however I think she sent it to the wrong people.

  4. LMBAO! Was this chick serious? Ain’t nobody thinking about Tameka’s manly looking a–. Look, we know Usher is a dog and he messed up their marriage. But that’s not why I go in on her. She’s just annoying and not very likable. Most people would agree.

  5. Emails like this happen when people have too much time on their hands. Someone needs some sex or a new hobby. it’s not that serious.

  6. Black women ain’t got to do a dayum thing!!!! Tameka is pressed because her Saks card got cut off!!! She’s a materialistic hoodrat who should have never even gotten the attention she got in the first place!!!! She thinks way too highly of herself!!!! Isn’t this her 2nd divorce?!!!!

    1. She seems to be okay with me. I got no problems with her at all. I’d bet if you were in similar shoes and an ex-husband that is supposed to be paying alimony to you cuts off a credit card he is paying for, you’d be flipping mad as well.

  7. Had Usher’s dad been in his life, a lot of things would have happened differently. This is what happens when we keep raising momma’s boys.

  8. This is why I follow Tameka on Twitter. It’s never a dull moment. I’m on neither side but it doesn’t take a genius to see that those little tears he was crying weren’t genuine. Usher is a bigger diva than Tameka.

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