Rick Ross Wants You Naked

A 6’4, 340 pound man attempted to run across mid court during a Miami Heat playoff game. Is Rick Ross to blame for this ratchet behavior?

By: A.J. Niles

During the Miami Heat playoff game against the Indiana Pacers last night, a man was apprehended as he attempted to run onto the court wearing nothing but a T-Shirt.

Did we mention that the man was about 6’6 and weighs somewhere around 340 pounds?

Thankfully, security and Miami Police prevented the man from reaching the court and the subsequent cameras. However, the Miami Heat cheerleaders and fans near them were subjected to the view of the 340-pound man.

Chis Perkins, a beat reporter for the Miami Herald, took to Twitter to give everyone the play by play.




It turns out that Chris is correct. Rick Ross took to twitter, as part of his Maybach Music Group’s Self-Made Vol.  2 promotional tour to issue a $10,000 bet.

Complex reports,

About two weeks ago, Rick Ross made an interesting proposal during a Heat game. He offered $10,000 to any Heat fan willing to streak across the court if the Heat make the 2012 NBA Finals wearing nothing but an MMG shirt and screaming the release date of the Self Made Vol. 2 album

As weird as this is, the man that attempted to streak did it during game 5 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. The Miami Heat have to win five more game to reach the finals. One can only assume that this guy is so excited to streak, or desperate, that he felt that this was the best time to attempt the naked run.

In today’s economy, one cannot be too critical of why any person would take Rick Ross up on his offer but there has to be better ways to come up on $10,000. One also has to wonder if Rick Ross could not attempt a more creative way to promote his label’s upcoming compilation album without having to scar anyones eyes.

Rick Ross sure does have a knack for walking around without a T-Shirt.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Rick Ross is pretty savvy at how to stay relevant and generate buzz to his own businesses. He’s the only artist 50 went after who’s career wasn’t destroyed. In fact, Rick Ross kind of beat 50 at his own game. Who’s thinking about 50 anymore? Exactly.

    1. Good observation. Rick Ross may have been a correctional officer, but he was smart enough to beat 50. That gave him more industry cred than pretending to be a former dope dealer ever did.

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