Owned: Terrence Howard Punched in the Face by Ex At His Home

Actor Terrence Howard alledges he got his ass kicked by his ex girlfriend at his own home, in front of his new girlfriend.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles


Terrence Howard has a way with women. He may be successful as a black actor who has been fortunate enough to see a steady stream of projects and films in an industry known for it’s fickleness; however, he can’t quite seem to land any success in his relationships and dealings with the women he chooses to romance. When most relationships turn cold, most grown ups can walk away without any bruises and bloody noses. But for Howard, when something ends with a woman; it doesn’t end well and someone usually ends up getting their ass kicked or at least saying they did.

CBS Philadelphia reports a Pennsylvania woman has been charged with the assault of the actor. According to the affidavit, police were called to Howard’s home around 11pm on May 6th. The alleged attacker, 39-year-old May Seng Yang and Howard are said to have been romantically involved for several years. But when the relationship ended, Howard states Yang began aggressively harassing him and refused to stop contacting him.

The police report states Yang showed up to Terrence Howard’s home where she was met at the gate by the actor’s new girlfriend. He affirms he came outside to investigate when he heard a loud noise.

Refusing to be the loud and noisy disturbing black man in a predominately white neighborhood, he opened the gate as a means to quiet down his ex and convince her to leave the property. He claims Yang attacked him as soon as he opened the gate. The angry ex striked him in his nose, and reports also indicate that there were signs of swelling.

Yang’s attorney, John McAuliffe, finds the story hard to believe and credit’s Yang’s small stature as a reason for his disbelief of the altercation’s occurrence, “You have to remember, she’s 5’1″, 110 pounds,” he tells CBS Philadelphia. “He’s 6’2″ and close to 200 pounds. She did not attack him.”

McAuliffe claims Yang was the one who was viciously attacked after showing up to the actor’s home to talk about the relationship. The attorney believes Howard was behaving like a typical bachelor and played games with Yang:

“She, as many women in that type of situation, wanted to know where this was headed, where they were going. He strung her along. It’s pretty obvious in my opinion.”

The police, however, believe Terrence Howard and his new girlfriend’s accounts.

Howard’s attorneys have already released a statement to prove their client’s role as a victim and his complete innocence in the altercation. However, this isn’t the first time the actor has been accused of putting his hands on a woman. The most recent claim was from his now ex wife.

Yang is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in June.


  1. Oh please. I believe his ex gf. Terrence has a reputation of being a woman beater with a nasty temper. He is so controlling that he won’t even date black women. His woman of choice are Asian chicks, since he thinks they are easier to control. Proof, his ex wife is Asian and so is the ex he is accusing of whooping his a–. There’s no way she came in there ready to beat up anyone, considering he wouldn’t date a woman that bold to begin with. She most likely got attacked and attempted to defend herself if anything. I doubt that too. This man is pathetic.

  2. So she’s Asian? Unless she knows Kung Fu or some other form of martial arts, there’s no way I’m believing a 5’1, 105 pound woman handled two people.

  3. Hmm..it kind of sounds like he was messing around with the both of them at the same time. I find it hard to believe that she was the only one throwing blows too.

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