Rappers Common And Drake Have Ruined Dating for Serena Williams

Heartbreaks are hard for anybody to get over. Even tennis stars.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Serena Williams is no stranger to success. She’s a beast on the tennis court, which has been her and sister Venus’ claim to fame and fortune; as well as provided her a way to rub elbows with some of Hollywood’s heaviest hitters and rappers. Just like any woman, dating can be extremely stressful and completely scary as we deal with the uncertainties of a budding romance. Serena may be subjected to the same obstacles any woman faces in romance, however, her relationship failures are unfortunately very public and completely dissected by the media at the hands of urban gossip blogs.

Serena has been romantically linked to two of Hip Hop’s biggest acts; Rappers Common and Drake.

Williams had an on and off relationship with Common which lasted for 3 years. While there isn’t much known about why the two split, it was a break up that emotionally affected both Common and Serena. Common went on to mourn the relationship with emotional rap lyrics, while Serena took a little time out from dating.

After breaking things off with Common, she subsequently began a relationship with Young Money poster child Drake.

Despite a few months of romantic bliss and good times, the two split last December. Things didn’t end on the best terms as Drake was spotted in public with a model Serena didn’t know he was involved with romantically. A few Twitter rants later, it seems Serena has made up her mind on how to handle the defeats of bad dating: Just don’t date at all.

In a recent interview with Sleep Sheets, she said the following about dating:

“I have given up on dating. It just hasn’t worked out well for me. I’m a really emotional person. I give my all and everything. I do make mistakes — like every human does — but the last relationship just was too much of a heartbreak for me. I just can’t go through that anymore. It was hard. I just have to remove myself from that atmosphere for about the next decade or so. I can’t get involved.”

I get that failed relationships are hard, but it’s never wise to give an ex that much power over your own happiness. A decade off from dating because of Common and Drake? Serena dear, please get your life. You totally deserve it.

What do you think? Would you ever take off a decade from dating because of a bad relationship?


  1. Yeah I’m not giving up dating for 10 years for anybody. I think she’s just bitter and she’ll eventually date again. I doubt she’ll take 10 years to get back into the game though.

  2. It’s just the curse of the big booty. When your booty is as big as Serena’s, there will be a lot of dudes that just want to see what it’s like. I can’t say that’s what happened with Common, but that’s definitely what happened with Drake. We want to get you in bed and have that visual. We will sweet talk you and act interested for a few months. But eventually, after we’ve seen the booty in action a few times, we move right along. For all you women thinking about getting butt injections, you better take heed to what I’m telling you.

  3. Oh damn. Yeah, I’ve been hurt before. Like seriously hurt. But 10 years is way too extreme a length of time off from dating. I wouldn’t do it, and I doubt Serena will either. She’s just hurting and a tad bit bitter. I’m sure dating rappers does that to a girl.

  4. I’m sorry I laughed out loud at Big Homie! But now when I think about it, it could be some truth to that. I’m not blessed in the butt area, but I can see immature guys pursuing females for something that shallow.

  5. Poor Serena. Her first mistake was dating rappers. I can understand why she’d date Common, but Drake’s crybaby little boy acting a–? She has to explain that one for me. She is way too much woman for that little boy. She needs to get her a wealthy white businessman like her sister did. Venus peeped game a long time ago.

  6. We forget the celebrities are human sometimes. Even if “10 years” came out of her mouth, it’s equivalent to girl talk over wine and saying something along the lines of “I’m never dating again” due to frustrations with your relationship experiences. It’s magnified because she said it in an interview. Either way though, if she feels 10 years off is necessary, then let Serena do Serena. Relationships are hard work in a regular life.. I can’t imagine establishing and maintaining one in the public eye when people criticize and make assumptions from your every move. It is what it is.

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