Transgender Woman Kills After Promoting Butt Injections on Youtube

One woman’s hustle is apparently another woman’s death sentence.

By: A.J. Niles

Padge Windslowe, 42 and known as the Black Madam, is ordered by a Philadelphia judge to stand trial for her butt injection hustle. The Black Madam is a transgendered woman, an aspiring rapper and showcased her butt injection procedures on Youtube.

According to CBS News, Windslowe is charged with aggravated assault, practicing medicine without a license and theft by deception.

At a preliminary hearing Wednesday, an exotic dancer named Shurkia King testified that she suffered severe respiratory problems and spent two weeks in the hospital after a “pumping party” for which Windslowe charged $1,000 per session and performed injections on a dining table.

King, 23, said she learned about the Black Madam through fellow dancers and thought Windslowe was a certified nurse. After the first pumping party went well on New Year’s Eve, King said she went back for more in February.

One of the injections seemed to go in wrong and left her leg shaking, but Windslowe told her to just breathe and that everything is OK, King said.

King’s oxygen level was “dangerously low” when she arrived at a hospital two days later, a doctor testified. She spent about a week in intensive care and used an oxygen tank to breathe until she returned to work, the doctor and King both testified.

And it gets much worse.

Police also believe Windslowe injected 20-year-old Claudia Aderotimi, who died after a pumping party at a Philadelphia airport hotel last year. Aderotimi complained of chest pain and difficulty breathing following the procedure. No charges have been filed in that case as detectives await extensive autopsy test results.

Back alley butt injections and pumping parties are really dangerous. Anyone that could have a medical procedure done without verifying that the person poking you with the needle knows what they are doing is risking serious injury or death. One woman lost her arms and legs due to these procedures done in motel rooms.

It should raise one gigantic red flag when the person poking you in the butt with a needle has to use the same silicone they sell at a hardware store and super glue to seal up the wounds. It should also raise caution when this person performing the surgery does not have their own office. Lastly, it should raise an even bigger red flag when the person performing this surgery is a struggling rap and r&b artist that is using these surgeries to fund their bootleg music videos that can be currently seen on YouTube.


  1. Here’s a hint, if someone is advertising butt injections on the same Youtube channel they also uploaded their rap videos, you probably don’t want them anywhere near your a–. Just a thought.

  2. I’m trying to understand how people can be that guillible. You mean to tell me you had no issue with someone who is trying to establish a rap career pumping “juice” into your backside, when most of these rappers can’t even read?

  3. Man a lot of these chicks are pressed just to look like Sara Baartman. Why spend so much energy to look like women who have nothing to offer but their body parts? I love a nice a– but I can’t date a woman who feels like that’s all she needs to have to be with me, and is willing to die for it. Crazy.

  4. Now most black women are born curvy, so what recently happened that made so many of us feel we aren’t curvy enough anymore? The come up of video h-es?

    1. See that’s the problem I think. There’s this misconception that black women have to have a certain body type. The truth is not every black woman has a big butt. Not all of us have hour glass figures. We come in different shapes and sizes. And when a black woman doesn’t have those stereotyped features, she’ll go above and beyond to get them because she doesn’t feel normal or accepted by her own people. We have to start encouraging self esteem and stop painting the same tired picture of what we think black women should look like.

  5. It’s crazy how these women are breaking their necks to get bigger butts, but ain’t doing much to work on improving their inner beauty. I guess they figure the physical is the only reason they don’t have a man.

  6. Why am I hearing about black women doing this more and more lately? What in the hell is going on? A big butt ain’t everything man.

  7. Really sad to hear that ladies are losing their health, body parts, and even their lives for some small boost in vanity. Having a big butt isn’t everything and it’s certainly not worth dying over. I don’t want to have any medical procedure done by anyone who doesn’t have the proper credentials. If you’re doing it in hotel/motel room, I’m raising an eyebrow and walking away.

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