Bow Wow: The Next Tupac Shakur?

Bow Wow claims Tupac status with his new song “Better”…Is he trippin’?

By: Taren Vaughan

Stepping into the game at an early age, Bow Wow has managed to dodge the child star curse and hold on to his fame. With a number of movies and albums under his belt, the 25-year-old rapper has now headed back to the studio for his seventh solo album titled “Underrated”, holding claims that one song featuring T-Pain is comparable to a Hip-Hop classic:

“It’s like Tupac’s ‘Brenda Got a Baby,’ it’s a meaningful song,” Bow Wow says. “And that’s why I portrayed the dancer. That’s real life. You got so many girls in college trying to pay tuition, they gotta get out and get it and because of that they get called names. They might have a kid or two but they gotta do what they gotta do. That song is for that real woman out there that struggles. Nobody is making those kinds of records.”

His point is valid but he won’t be the first new school rapper to go that route.

Juvenile did it back in 2006 with the song “Rodeo”, talking about the college educated stripper trying to pay her bills and hold her family down. And Wayne did his own rendition of the troubled dancer with “How To Love”.

So I guess he thinks his version will be just that ground-breaking, enough to put him on the level with a Hip-Hop legend?

No shade but Bow Wow’s music doesn’t hold a candle to Pac’s worst song. Teeny-bopper and party tracks are all his career is built on, minus a few love songs dedicated to Ciara. So it’s hard to believe that he could drop something as classic as “Brenda’s Got A Baby”. That kid rapper image has followed him his whole career even after he lost the beaded cornrows.

He’s now running with the Young Money camp, in an attempt to take his music career off silent mode. Even joining one of the most popular label in the rap biz won’t turn him into a rap philosopher overnight.

As for the song itself, it might not be the worst ever but to even imply that it would be that epic makes me give him the side eye.

Is Bow Wow even slightly comparable to Tupac?

Peep the track that supposedly says so:


  1. Right now, Bow Wow needs to STAY AWAY from making these kinds of statements and just let his music speak for itself. That Tupac comment is going to overshadow an actually pretty decent song. No wonder Pusha T is dissing the whole YMCMB camp.

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