Country Singer Drags Chris Brown in Magazine

Despite his success, Chris Brown might never be able to escape his violent past with Rihanna.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown has proven that he can overcome adversity and sell albums despite a little bad press and a domestic abuse charge against one of the world’s biggest pop stars. Since that tragic night that involved a beaten Rihanna and a fleeting Chris Brown; he’s managed to solidify his fan base and go on to sell many records and rack up in accolades. While it’s obvious that both singers have moved on from their daunting past, it seems like not everyone else in the music industry has any desire to be so forgiving.

Since being made the poster child and symbol of an abuser at the hands of the media, Brown has been a popular target by celebrities on Twitter, in songs, on stage and now; even in magazines.

Country singer Miranda Lambert tends to think Chris Brown is the scum of the earth, and despite his apologies, she refuses to forget about his incident on the night of the Grammy’s that has forever tainted he and Rihanna’s careers. In fact, Lambert has been dragging the singer since a notable performance in which she brought up the singer’s name during a song about a woman who shoots and kills her abuser.

In a recent interview with W Magazine, when asked about her beef with Chris Brown, she says:

“I may look small and blonde, but I cannot tolerate men who beat up on women. It is never OK.”

It’s interesting how the entire general public and Hollywood can get so angry with Chris Brown for punching and assaulting Rihanna, yet ironically, they have no problem making him their punching bag in interviews, on Twitter, and in music several years later.

Hitting women is never acceptable, no matter who does it; but how long should we bully and punish someone before we’re just as guilty as the original abuser?


  1. Who? Somebody wants some attention. Not condoning what Breezy did, but it really is time for everyone to move on. Despite how people may feel about him, he is not going to let them keep him from making music. So just let it go.

  2. I don’t even know who she is. Meanwhile Chris Brown is known throughout the world. Don’t use his name to increase the relevance of your own. Next!

    1. So does Breezy at least give y’all little hood b-tches the weekend off? How about insurance? I’m thinking about filling out an application. I need a new FULL TIME job. Loving yours?

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