What Ever Happened To…(Monifah Edition)

90’s songstress dropped a few hit singles during her short reign but where is she now?

By: Taren Vaughan

Flashing back to the ‘90’s, there were too many true R&B artists to count on one hand. Reminiscing on the days of good music, one singer comes to mind that has been ghost for the past 11 years. And she left many of her fans wondering if she will ever make a return:

“Monifah was underrated to me. Her vocal skills were on point and she could hang with any of those R&B singers that were out when she came along. I would love to see her come back and put another album out for us fans that have been missing her” –Kyra B.

“As much as I would like to see Miss Monifah come back I don’t think she would have the same kind of success that she had back in the day simply because she is a singer and that’s it. She’s not a dancer like Beyonce’ or piano player like Alicia Keys. I think nowadays, artists have to have multiple talents other than just singing in order to make it in the industry. Nobody pays attention to singers that can really sing unless they have something extra to bring to the table” –Patrice G.

Formally introduced to the music industry in 1996, Monifah released her debut album titled Moods…Moments, which included singles “You” and “I Miss You (Come Back Home)”featuring Hip-Hop legend Heavy D. Two years later came her second album, Mo’hogany which was deemed successful as it sold over 500,000 copies in the U.S.

Three albums later, she has been on music hiatus but has plans to go the reality television route. She is said to be teaming up with various other R&B artists for a show on TV One that is set to air some time this year. With the rep that reality TV is getting now, not so sure that’s a road she should travel but who knows, it may steer her right back to her first love.

As for her music career, haven’t heard any hopes of her coming back just yet. One thing is for sure, she definitely left us with some timeless tracks.


  1. Her time has passed . Great voice but you definitely need a stage presence and an entertainer factor to make it now. The only one who has gotten by with voice alone lately is Adele. And I doubt she will have company in that area.

  2. She was cool but I’ma need her to not join the train wreck that is reality TV. In the end, she’ll just get paid to act like ghetto trash and we won’t even want to hear her music once she goes down that route.

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