Nas – Daughters [Video]

Nas released his video for his single Daughters from his new album Life is Good.  

By: A.J. Niles

Nas and Destiny may not have had the best father-daughter relationship but you can tell he sincerely love one another.

The Chris Robinson-directed video focuses on Nas being regretful of not be a better father for Destiny. The song addresses things such as Destiny’s Twitter page, where she posted a chest of condoms by her bedside and Nas finding a letter penned to a guy in jail.

The video is shot from the viewpoint of Destiny from birth to her current age of 17. Throughout the video, we see Nas attempting to be the best father that he possibly could, although he clearly made mistakes. Then we see Nas and Destiny re-enact his reactions to her various actions he addressed in the song.

Nas was interviewed by XXL Magazine about the song when he released it a month ago. Nas places the blame fully on himself for Destiny’s poor choices and says he wanted to share how it felt seeing his first child grow up into a young lady.

Nas tells XXL Magazine:

“Man, that’s what I try to put into one song. Boy, it’s amazing, man. She’s so important to me and she always has been.  They grow so fast and time flies man. Before you know it, you’re looking at a little lady.

She’s my first kid, my first time watching a child become a teen and a little adult before my eyes… That’s one of the most important things in my life. She is. I can’t get away from talking about it.”

When the song was first released, Destiny’s mother Carmen addressed the song negatively on her Twitter account.

Just heard “Daughters” by Nas. What a disappointment! He had nothing positive to say about our daughter and his depiction of her is false!

…perhaps her father should be talking to her and spending more time with her so he can really get to know her.

…Destiny will be 18 in 2 months. Over it!

The song definitely strained the relationship between Nas and his daughter. However, Destiny and Nas quickly reconciled in time for the video shoot and things seem to be on the up and up between them.

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.

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  1. I’m definitely a Nas fan and I love this song! I’m glad that Nas has had the opportunity to learn from his mistakes and be a better father. Fathers are the covering for the family and must be present in the lives of their children. It’s never too late to change. I admire great dads. Big ups to Nas for his progress 🙂

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