Kim and Kanye Want You to Know Their Relationship is Real

kim kanye tweets
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West take to Twitter to show you how much they love each other.Too bad it’s just not believable.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Since going public with their relationship, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West continue to make their press rounds and land headlines about their budding “romance.” This has to be one of the first times a celebrity couple tries so hard to make everyone else believe they have a legitimate relationship. But can anyone be surprised? Both Kim and Kanye have proven themselves to live for attention, and generate publicity at the expense of others in the form of quickie 72 day marriages and rudely interrupted award acceptance speeches. They are the couple everyone loves to hate, but it’s hard to escape their publicity whoring clutches when they manage to make the blogs daily with their latest and very orchestrated photo opts and plugged gossip blog rumors at the hands of the very clever Kris Jenner and press savvy Kim Kardashian.

And there’s no escaping them, even in the realms of the Social Networks. These two are always on and they need you to know that.

In a series of recent tweets, most of the Twitter universe vomited in their mouths…a little:

kim kanye tweet

Kanye promptly answered with a series of professionally shot “couple” photos:

No matter how many photos or tweets these two initiate regarding their “relationship,” I just can’t take them seriously. And that’s for a couple of reasons:

1. Kim is still married. And it seems like she does the same thing in all of her relationships. She takes plenty of couple photo shoots, tweets like a smitten 12 year old every time she’s in a relationship, and behaves like relationships are only meant to keep her relevant in the media.

2. Kanye is just as calculated. Who else takes a bald headed former stripper out the ghetto, dresses her like a barbie doll, and discards her like some prop on a play that went bad once the public loses interest? Why must he treat every woman he dates publicly like a toy? Doesn’t that make him childish?

Both tend to use their “relationships” for career reasons, and the proof is in all the former photo shoots they had with their last boos. It seems like genuine couples in Hollywood do the exact opposite. Expect these two stunt queens to take it a step further and get married. Either way, everything they continue to do will be completely for career reasons. How long it lasts depends on the benefits received.

Meanwhile, check out this video shot by the paps…absolutely no chemistry.


  1. I’m not buying it! Kim and Kanye are two of the biggest fame whores in Hollywood. And honestly, Kanye hasn’t seemed like a heterosexual male since his first album. He is just too “fabulous” and catty to like women strictly. Kim usually has better taste though when it comes to her fake relationships. Eww.

  2. So Kim goes for the chipmunk looking diva who has a whole pack of sausages lined up in the back of his head after dating Reggie, Halle’s old boo, and those other 45 fine a– professional athletes? Man she’s really falling off.

  3. Kim used to be fine. She’s had way too much work done on her face for me to even act like I understand Kanye’s recent decision to shuck and jive.

  4. I’m not sure what women see in Kanye. He acts like a complete jerk and he doesn’t seem like the relationship type. I’m not surprised he’s with Kim, especially after being with Amber. People need to understand that just because some rapper spits somewhat deep lyrics, doesn’t mean he isn’t still a “n word” at the end of the day. He’ll date the scum off the bottom of his shoes as long as it isn’t black. I’m done with ‘Ye.

    1. You ain’t said nothing but the TRUTH. Kanye loves himself some non black women. Even if they used to strip or did porn, he’ll wife em over any black woman.

  5. This couple is one of the most annoying in Hollywood. Kim wants so hard to make it look real, but she’s really acting like a beard this time around. Calm it down and stop trying to get so much press, then just maybe people won’t call it fake. In the meantime, neither one of you were really liked individually, so I can’t see this helping your careers at this point.

  6. You know it’s going to get to the point where we’re going to be calling him Kanye Kardashian soon. That family has a way of swallowing people’s careers up so bad you kind of forget who they were before they joined the cult.

  7. I wish this coon would go sat down and take his little scarlet letter wearing whore with him!!!!! Stop poisoning our children with your fake relationships and terrible sex tapes!!!!!!

  8. “Why must he treat every woman he dates publicly like a toy? Doesn’t that make him childish?”
    No sweetheart, that makes him gay. Don’t let this charade fool you.

  9. Kim couldn’t have gotten away with so much had she been a black woman. I can’t believe she is prancing around here with Kanye like she still isn’t legally married. How tacky. If it wasn’t obvious before that that wedding and marriage was a fake, it is now. I hope Kris takes half!

  10. They looks happy to me, in the pics i’ve seen of them together Kanye usually looks every happy. I haven’t seen him smile like this in forever, i wish them both well.

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