No Malice and Drake Get Involved In Pusha T and Lil’ Wayne Beef

No Malice goes in on Lil’ Wayne while Drake gets at Pusha T.

By: Taren Vaughan

The Pusha T and Lil’ Wayne beef has started to escalate, on wax of course, within this past week. No longer is it just the two going at each other, but other rappers have joined in on the feuding.

Letting it be known that he has his brother’s back, No Malice, formerly known as Malice of the group the Clipse, took a Twitter jab at the Young Money rap star:

“Well I LOVE Pusha! That’s my blood and I ain’t never kiss em”

The comment was fueled by the “father-son moment” when Baby and Lil’ Wayne kissed each other on the mouth back in 2006, the two claiming that they were just that close:

“Wayne to me is my son – my first-born son – and that’s what it do for me.”

The side-eye was given and gay label was tossed around by music fans and critics shortly after the incident. Let’s be real, two hood dudes kissing on stage is hard to forget. And if you let it slip your mind, No Malice just gave you a reminder. He might have changed his name but he is not against taking shots.

Drake of course, as his duty as Wayne’s protégé had to put his two cents in:

“If you was doin’ 16s when I was 16 and your sh– still flopped and you switched teams don’t talk to me my n—a,”

First it was the Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim beef now he is jumping in the beef between Pusha and Weezy.

Damn, Drake never stays in his lane. This time though, his retaliation may be valid as Pusha goes in on him too with the Exodus 23:1 track.

With a diss track of his own out, “Ghoulish”, Wayne took it to Twitter too, disrespecting Pusha and those that rock with him:

“F— pusha t and anybody that love em”

Now I’m no Weezy hater but Pusha T is wicked on the mic.

Who’s card will he pull next?

This could get interesting.


  1. Man these dudes are petty. But I’m putting my money on the Clipse. Lyrically, Weezy and Drake can’t touch em. Young Money is decent, but Clipse is lethal.

  2. You already know the Clipse owned that whole Young Money squad. They out rapped them before Wayne even founded Nicki’s cartoonish behind on Youtube or whatever random mix tape she was on impersonating Lil’ Kim. Drake, Nicki, and Wayne are some of the most overrated rappers in the business. They are only hot now because they knew how to cross over.

  3. It’s amazing how these Young Money/Cash Money artists are so loyal to the same folks they will eventually figure out ripped them off. Happened to Juvie, BG, Mannie, and many others. They better smarten up. Baby and his brother are con men.

  4. Clipse all day. Young Money may be on top right now, but that diss track Weezy released for Pusha was trash. Weezy needs to stay in his imaginary lane. He’s only hot because real hip hop died a long time ago, making room for his roster of artists

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