Kanye West Throws Amp in Times Square and Shade at Kim Kardashian

A woman so obsessed with Kanye West, she takes on his name, caught charges for throwing an amp through an Office Depot in Times Square.

By: A.J. Niles


A woman that is so enamored with Kanye West, she tattooed his named multiple times on her body and legally changed her name to Kanye Resa West, was in court recently. She pleaded guilty in a New Your Municipal Court to criminal mischief charges for throwing a broken amp through a Office Depot window in Times Square. DNA info is reporting that the street performer who lives in Chicago, Kanye’s hometown, threw the amp into the window in a fit of rage after it broke down in the middle of her performance to Beyonce’s Video Phone.

West concludes that the amp was thrown because she was not having the best of days. DNA Info writes,

“I shouldn’t have done it. I didn’t mean to do it. I got so mad that day, but I’m usually a sweet person.”

She was sentenced to 100 hours of community service, which she can perform in Chicago. West, who has been performing for about eight years, was smitten after she met West at a Chicago singing competition in 2005.

“Since I met him, I knew I wanted to show my affection for him.”

Kanye, who was one of the competition judges, complimented West on her singing prowess.

“You have star power. You were on stage like a pro.”

What an absolute nutcase. It’s one thing to be a fan of a celebrity. I look up to and admire quite a few celebrities and public figures. But having Kanye West’s name tattooed on multiple places of your body, including your butt, and changing your name to Kanye West is downright overboard.

Can anyone even be surprised she was in court for doing something as silly as throwing an amp through a window of a business in Times Square? This is a woman that has a video on the internet rubbing one out to a picture of the man.

The most ironic thing of all of this is that she even took time to throw shade Kim Kardashian’s way. According to DNA info:

[She] was surprised when West reportedly hooked up with Kardashian last month.

“I was surprised. I really thought the things I did would say something to him. I just didn’t think it would be her. She’s had like five boyfriends in three seconds, but what can you do?”




  1. You know a person really needs to get laid when they obsess with a celebrity so much they feel the need to throw amps through windows and tattoo their bodies with a celeb’s name. And then she changed her name to Kanye West. Just sad.

  2. So she does all of this to get this man’s attention and he still acts like she doesn’t exist. And this people is the perfect symbol of how blindly we worship celebrities and crave their attention, only to never really get it. This woman needs a hug and plenty of prayer.

  3. Did anybody watch the video in the post of this crazy chick? LOL, this is why I never want to be famous. You could possibly attract crazies like these!

  4. The funniest thing (besides this bird throwing the amp through a window once it went dead during her Video Phone performance) is her comments about Kim. She honestly thought Kanye would want to date her after she’s done all of this? Talk about delusional or a total publicity whore. Good thing is Kanye has plenty of experience with both after dating a Kardashian.

  5. Wow. How pathetic and very sad. She’s a cute girl, clearly she can go out here and get a real man/relationship. People really need to stop obsessing over strangers just because they have some fame. You’ll miss out on a lot of great things and people in life because you’re chasing Neverland. Our obsession with Hollywood is not healthy.

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