Rihanna Reveals How She Feels About Drake and Chris Brown

Rihanna finally has an answer to the blatant disrespect and hoe labels given from Chris Brown and Drake.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna is not your average pop star. She doesn’t really care about what the tabloids say about her, nor does she feel the need to be a role model and be a slave to the image of the good woman who plays by the rules. The 25-year-old beauty prefers to break them, and break hearts so bad that it leaves the victim pissy enough to scramble to make a diss record and resort to taking petty shots at her on Twitter.

The same men who brag and seemingly believe they can get any woman they want, get completely childish and reckless when it comes to this woman.

After some insults were thrown at Rihanna from exes Chris Brown and Drake  recently, some would have imagined that Rihanna was approaching the ultimate emotional breakdown. Onlookers expected Rihanna to hang her head in shame and give up the power that most women hand over when we allow men to get the best of us emotionally.

We expected Rihanna to act like the typical woman and let what society and her childish exes think of her to somehow interfere with what she actually thinks about herself. Perhaps it’s because that’s the experience of most women, since we are naturally a product of a society that makes millions from telling women what we see when we look in our mirror privately.

But Rihanna doesn’t care what you think and she damn sure doesn’t seem to care what her immature superstar exes think of her either.

Naturally, she took to Twitter to make it clear just in case there was any confusion and someone actually thought she gave a f-ck:

rihanna shoots bird

And many of us have already took notice to Drake and Chris Brown’s new feminine like behavior, as a result of their catty social network antics. Many of us just see the two as b-tchy, obviously Rihanna does too:

Rihanna may not be the classiest chick, but as a woman, I can appreciate that she refuses to bow down or let her exes’ behavior have any effect on how she feels about herself. The conservative woman in me may give her the side-eye for her carefree views on sex and booze, but the feminist in me wants to stand up and applaud a woman who’s figured out so young that what other people think about us really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. And most importantly, our exes just don’t deserve to have any power over our happiness.

Besides, if they’re going to act this juvenile, moving on just got a little bit easier.



  1. I’m definitely Team RiRi on this one. Drake and Chris are some of the biggest sluts in the industry, but yet no one says anything. Chris cheated on her, but has the nerve to call her a slut? Are you kidding me! I’m so tired of the double standards we have in this society.

  2. Oh please!!!!! She knows she cares!!!!! I’m not buying this whole thug life crap she’s selling!!!!! Every woman cares bout what her exes feel about her!!!!

    1. You’re painting many women with a very broad brush there Lee Lee. Now if you said “immature women care about what her exes feel about her,” then I would be in 100% agreement with you.

  3. I’m tired of labels. Especially when most of us do the same things behind closed doors. I kind of wish more women had Rihanna’s mentality. No you don’t have to sleep around, but stop caring so much about what other people think about you. Most importantly, stop letting these little knuckleheads get the best of you. Just my two cents.

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