Things We Love: Chris Brown’s Siri Commercial (Spoof)

Even if you’re Team Breezy, you should find this one hilarious.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown may be still steady on the road to career redemption, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still the butt of jokes from time to time. And in the age of social media and viral celebrity spoof videos, Chris has managed to make quite a few people chuckle at his own expense.

In the latest spoof video uploaded on the College Humor website, Breezy has finally managed to get his own Siri commercial. This comes at a time when celebrities are continuously being featured with the device in a slew of recent television commercials, in which they demonstrate the usefulness of Siri, the iPhone 4s’ most popular feature.

In the spoof, Chris Brown gives a disinterested and very annoyed Siri commands that she isn’t too fond to complete. Her complete disgust and disappointment in being stuck with the singer as her iPhone master is very blatant and quite hilarious.

While I’m still searching for the creator behind the spoof, I can confidently say that it’s pretty genius and you should get a few laughs from it.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.




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