Trey Songz Wishes Kelly Rowland Was His Boo Thang

After shooting a steamy music video together, Trey Songz is kind of crushing on Kelly Rowland.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Trey Songz is one of R&B’s hunkiest performers, with a huge fan base of women who see the young singer as nothing short of this generation’s soulful sex symbol. While he may have originally came into the game as a R. Kelly prototype, he’s quickly found his own path and faithful audience in the almost abandoned music genre simply known as R&B. Loved for not only his apparent sex appeal, he has managed to create music that has solidified his large and growing fan base.

His latest single, “Heart Attack,” is climbing up the charts; but the singer’s on screen chemistry with his video love interest Kelly Rowland, might be more memorable than the lyrics themselves.

Just by watching the video, it’s clear that there is a sexual chemistry between the two singers that wasn’t written into the script.

In a recent interview with Tale Tela, Trey Songz admits that obvious about his feelings for Kelly Rowland:

“It’s definitely platonic, I wish it wasn’t. She’s amazing and I joke around with the idea of that, but all in all she’s such an amazing friend. When she steps into a room, she makes the whole room glow, and she just has a spirit about her that she’s really kind and she’s always the same person every time you meet her.”

Trey Songz won’t be the first or last R&B heartthrob to have a crush on Kelly Rowland, as not too long ago, Chris Brown even tweeted he kind of had a crush on the Destiny’s Child singer himself.




  1. I’m just glad he actually had a real black woman in his video. That’s rare for most singers and rappers these days.

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