Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada Misses Jennifer Williams

After trying to kick Jennifer Williams’ ass in front of millions on national television, Evelyn now realizes she misses her in her life.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The fourth season of VH1’s Basketball Wives has been nothing short of an absolute train wreck. It was agonizing to watch grown women hurl bottles of wine at each other over classy restaurant tables, sic their assistants on their former best friends, and even snatch purses like the typical thugs on the street corners. Despite the petitions and the internet protests, the show prevailed on and is returning back to the ratchet television network for a fifth season. A lot of relationships were damaged this season, with Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams’ 10 year old friendship being the most affected.

Although the two ended the season with the mutual desire to completely end the friendship with no possibility of rekindling their relationship, Evelyn seems to have reconsidered in these last few months of no cameras.

In a recent interview with Vibe Magazine, she comes clean on her realization of how she does miss the one chick she pretty much hated during the taping of the fourth season:

“I miss her. We were friends for 10 years. I was in her wedding, so you know yeah, and your thinking you guys are going to do this show together, your BFF, and then you’re kind of like ‘what happened’?”

Lozada also realizes it’s even harder to move on from a friendship when you have mutual friends in common with the one person you’re not on good terms with:

“And we are mutual friends with a lot of people, so everything else became weird energy. It was tough.

I live by loyalty and I feel like, at that point, I broke the friend code. I should have never broken that code and I should have never stooped down to that level.”

These two are insane. Things should have never got that intense and both should have wanted to be a little bit more clasy on national television. Hopefully, they can both move on and at least be cordial enough that there will be no wig snatching and backhands in inappropriate public places.


  1. LOL is this chick serious! You picked up a vase to toss at this chick but now you miss her? Oh what people will do for a little VH1 paycheck. Ugh!

  2. I don’t really care about what y’all are talking about but Jenn is fine as hell. Ocho Cinco should have wifed her up instead of Evelyn. Real talk.

  3. What a joke. I wouldn’t even give Evelyn the satisfaction of being back in my life if I were Jenn. These girls treated her like trash this season. Have a backbone Jenn!

  4. The real question is why is Jenn even coming back to the show at this point? What does she really have to gain? Isn’t she the only one with real money and legitimate businesses that she had prior to any of this? I don’t understand why she keeps coming back for the abuse of these females. Makes no sense.

  5. Evelyn is about to marry one of the biggest pr stunts in the NFL, you think he hasn’t told her how the game works? Evelyn is playing a role that has excelled her career, even if it made all of yall hate her. Her family is about to be straight and she’s now at a place where she can make amends with the one person she used on the show to keep her name in everyone’s mouth. This is how reality tv works for the most successful.

    1. So you’re just going to cosign a grown woman behaving like she’s from the projects on Television for a pay check from VH1? No wonder that loser Evelyn is out of a job. She’s got people like you to support her.

      1. I’m actually not cosigning anything. I’m just stating the facts. The stupid show doubled in ratings once the word got out that Tami would be stealing Kesha’s purse. Don’t be mad at me for stating the obvious. I’m not the problem. You and everyone else who watches this show after signing the petition are the problem. And society’s addiction to watching people self destruct on TV is the problem.

  6. LOL, so even with that petition and all that fuss everyone made on the web, these birds will be back next season. All yall had to do was stop watching the show, LOL, my people, my people.

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