Discussion: Can Ciara Revive Her Career At This Point?

Can the Princess of Crunk & B still save her struggling music career after two unsuccessful albums back to back?

By: Taren Vaughan

In this day and age, you can’t just be a singer and be successful. You have to have the “It factor” that sets you aside from the rest. Whether it be dancing, playing an instrument or patenting a fashion style, artists have to bring it to stay afloat in such a competitive industry. And Singer Ciara managed to find her place with ease.

Coined “The Princess of Crunk & B”, her debut album Goodies was a hit, selling over 2.7 million copies nationwide, featuring the likes of Missy Elliott, Ludacris and Petey Pablo. Her sophomore album, The Evolution, was just as successful, keeping CiCi’s career thriving. Not only was her music addictive behind the beats of Atlanta producer Jazze Pha, her dance moves were just as sick, drawing her comparisons to the iconic Janet Jackson and the late Aaliyah.

Two albums later, Ciara’s career started to take an ugly down turn. Leaving Jazze Pha and changing up her whole image, her third album, Fantasy Ride, flopped like a fish out of water. In 2010, she had fans going with the Ride video featuring Ludacris, taking it back to her earlier days with the vicious dance moves. The old Ciara was on her way back and expectations were high. But unfortunately, Basic Instinct tanked, leaving fans disappointed yet again. And the blame was placed on Jive Records for their lack of promotion.

The last two albums that she dropped weren’t chart toppers but she assures fans that some good stuff is on its way. In an interview she did with Sway in the Morning, Ciara spoke about her upcoming project and how this one wasn’t going to be rushed:

“It’s just really about the vibe, and I’ll just tell you that it’s a good vibe going. It’s really important for me to take my time with this record and it’s important for the whole team. It’s really, really good energy,”

Ciara has joined forces with Epic Records alongside Producer L.A. Reid. And he even thinks she may be on to something this go round, showing her love on Twitter:

“@Epic_Records gaining some traction! @karminmusic @TheRealCashOut @1future @CherLloyd and next up… @ciara,”

Ever since she parted ways with Jazze, her success hasn’t been the same. And her image has transformed into something that we clearly know is not her style. Foregoing her sneaks and fitted caps for a pair of stilettos has caused her career to suffer and leaves people questioning whether the street dancing songbird from the A can get back to her old self again.

Will the CiCi we grew to love ever show her face again? Or is she about to see another album tank?


  1. I think it’s a wrap for Ciara. People have just lost interest in the poor girl. It worked for her to be a bootleg version of Aaliyah and then she became too raunchy to hold on to her old fan base. It also didn’t help that she ditched her producer soulmate, Jazz Pha. I was rooting for her but I can’t get down with her new oversexed image.

  2. Tell this flop to hang it up…FLATLINE. Her career has been over for years now. She should just get involved in acting and stop boring us with that same tired matrix move she’s been doing for over 5 years now!

  3. Ciara has to change her music genre in order to make a comeback. R&B is dead. Period. Take a cue from Rihanna and start making music for the pop audience. That’s where the money is and the longevity will come.

  4. No. I knew it was the end for her when she started hanging out with Kim Kardashian and acting too Hollywood. She isolated her fan base with her new image and she paid for it. I think her time has ended and she should just act or model.

  5. Ciara used to be my girl but I fear a music career is just not meant for her anymore. Yeah she could switch up her sound and she is an amazing performer but her fan base might not be big enough to make her next album a success. I hope I’m wrong because I really do like her. It’s tough out here and it takes a lot to build a solid following.

  6. You people sound like such haters. It is not too late for this chick to make a comeback. She’s young and super talented enough to get a couple hits off this new album. People make comebacks all the time. Chill.

  7. It’s not looking good for CiCi. I hope I’m wrong but it seems like the general public has grown tired of her. She just became a little bit too sexual and it turned people off. When the majority of your fan base is made up of women, there is a such thing as being too sexy.

  8. She’s probably going to end up like Keri Hilson, average. We know she exists, but the majority of the world doesn’t nor do they care. Pop is where it’s at. Even Chris Brown realized this and that’s why he’s back on top. He changed his music genre and instead makes little mix tapes to keep his black fans happy. It was a smart idea and every artist should consider doing the same. Make the popular music, and stop trying to revive R&B. Hell even Nicki Minaj peeped game and look at where she is on the charts. If Kim doesn’t do the same, she won’t make a come back either. R&B and Hip Hop is DEAD!

  9. I have nothing negative to say about my girl. I hope she has plenty success this time around and surrounds herself with the right people this time. Keep it classy and push out some bangers, and you’ll have success CiCi!

  10. If she doesn’t have a new sound and a better image, she won’t sell many records. She may even have to get herself on the blogs, ignite some controversy, leak sexy photos, etc. She’s not relevant enough at this point to make it without coming back with a bang and some controversy. This is the times we live in. Sorry,

  11. Nope! Her time was up a few years ago! Its all about Rihanna, Beyonce, Nicki, etc. If you don’t have cross over appeal, even a great producer can’t save you.

    1. Exactly! No producer can save R&B. Make the records for the pop crowd and you’re good. That’s why Rihanna’s non singing azz is still around. #shade #yesididthat

  12. I used to really like Ciara. For me, she kind of filled that Aaliyah void. No she didn’t replace her, but she brought back that coolness, strong and sexy tomboy image that we needed. Now she’s oversexed like the rest of them. We needed that diversity and she abandoned it for popularity. It back fired and now we’ve all moved on.

  13. Please. If all of you feel so compelled to write about her, that is proof alone that her career is not over. Get over yourselves.

  14. I like that Promise song off her second album. She could have easily filled the void that Aaliyah left behind.

  15. 2 more albums have flopped since then. She does not get it. Still forcing this sexy image, weak music & weak management.

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