Black Men Shoot Up Church Because They Were Denied Access

A man is sentenced to 8 months in jail and another awaits to be sentenced for the shooting of a youth pastor during a church event.

By: A.J. Niles


When youth Pastor MarShon Peoples hosted a party for his youth group “Streams of Hope” this past January to honor one of his High School students, he expected to be over a great event full of fellowship, fun and joy. However, this did not occur once eight uninvited young men attempted to force their way into the event.

The eight men demanded entry into the party and Peoples stood his ground. Just as peoples began to call 911, he was attacked and struck in the head as guns were shot.

Peoples tells 24 Hour News 8( WOOD-TV) in Grand Rapids, Michigan,

“I pushed send and then that’s when ‘boom’ happened.”

Despite Being shot by the men attempting to force their way into the event he was hosting, youth pastor Peoples does not want to see these men end up in jail despite being shot by one of the men.

“I’m not angry at the young men. I’m more angry at the choice. They need help and we as a whole have to help them. Putting them into a cell with other misguided people is not the answer.”

After a short investigation by Police, Devontae Collier and Jaylen Woods were arrested and charged with the crime. 24 Hour News 8 is reporting:

In April, Collier pleaded guilty to assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder and to carrying a concealed weapon. He’s expected to be released from jail Jan. 30, 2013.

Woods, who court records revealed fired the gun that hit Peoples in the head, faced a number of felonies in the case. A source said he was inside the center at the time the shots were fired. He is scheduled to be sentenced June 11, 2012.

Police sources told 24 Hour News 8 they are looking for two more suspects, and when release more information when they are in custody.

This is just another in a growing list of unfortunate shootings that have occurred in the state of Michigan.




  1. The fact that the pastor is alive after getting shot in the head is nothing but God. What a disgusting group of human beings.

  2. I can’t do anything but shake my head. I can’t believe they ran inside a church to shoot people because they weren’t allowed inside. And to do that knowing there were kids inside is just unbelievable. What happened to morals and the fear of God??

  3. Wow. We are definitely living in the end of days y’all. Too many crazy and demonic things are happening on a daily basis. And the number of black men doing these demonic things is increasing. From the black men eating faces, brains and livers; to shooting people over kool aid and Facebook posts. This is just scary and heartbreaking at the same time. I’m glad the pastor wasn’t killed.

    1. This is a true testament to how God’s great love conquers all! I’m still healing but, I’m doing fine. I need for all who reads this blog, I need you all to stop what you are doing and PRAY. Pray for the young man who shot me and for all who know and love him. Pray for the others who live this gang lifestyle to being enlightened to a better cause. We as a whole have to love them back to health to give them hope.

      Love Pastor MarShon Peoples

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