Brian McKnight Drags Chris Brown, Floyd Mayweather & R. Kelly on Twitter

Brian McKnight took to his Twitter page to address the criticisms he received over his adult mixtape. Massive shots were thrown at Chris Brown, Floyd Mayweather and R. Kelly.

By A.J. Niles


It apparently seems that we can definitely add Brian McKnight to the list of those celebrities that are ’bout that life.

Mcknight, who goes by the Twitter handle @ItsBMcKnight, vented his frustrations on the website after receiving many negative criticisms for his adult mixtape and subsequent singles An-l and If You Are Ready To Learn. McKnight held back no punches on his Twitter Feed as he threw back barbs that were just as sharp or sharper than anything he received.

(Read from the bottom, up.)

McKnight tweeted a short time later an explanation for the tweets above.

“I meant no disrespect to anyone I was merely pointing out that In today’s society anything goes and WE Are all to blame the end…”

The three called out by McKnight have not responded at this point and time, however fans of those called out by McKnight continued to throw their venom at the R&B star.

As we reported earlier,  he recently released a song from his new adult mixtape called If You Are Ready To Learn. This song featured the chorus, “Let me show you how your p-ssy works.”

If You Are Ready To Learn received negative acclaim after it went viral and spread like wildfire all over the internet with the help of the porn website, which asked him to record a song.

According to The Washington Post,

The company was inspired by his song If You are Ready To Learn, an explicit slow jam/sex education course that launched a thousand headlines. McKnight said the song was a parody.

As a result of this success, Brian McKnight released another song that makes his previous parody seem tame.

In the song A-al, he sings about 20 times to “head on over to YouP-rn. ” McKnight wrote the song as a thank you to YouP-rn for their support of his music.

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