Chris Brown to Brian McKnight: I Keep You Relevant, ‘Old [Expletive]’


Chris Brown did not go out like a punk, as many in #TeamBreezy would say, when he cleverly responds to Brian McKnight on Twitter.

By: A.J. Niles


Brian McKnight may be ’bout this life, but he may not want to go toe to toe with Chris Brown on twitter.

Chris did not take the shots fired by Brian McKnight in his direction lightly, throwing back even sharper barbs on his Twitter page.

(Read from the bottom, up.)

As it was reported earlier, Mcknight, who goes by the Twitter handle @ItsBMcKnight, vented his frustrations on the website after receiving many negative criticisms for his adult mixtape and subsequent singles An-l and If You Are Ready To Learn. McKnight held back no punches on his Twitter Feed as he threw back jabs that were just as sharp or sharper than anything he received.

He recently released a song from his new adult mixtape called If You Are Ready To Learn. This song featured the chorus, “Let me show you how your p-ssy works.”

If You Are Ready To Learn received negative acclaim after it went viral and spread like wildfire all over the internet with the help of the porn website, which asked him to record a song.

Chris Brown has been receiving shots from other artists as well. He threatened to sue former B2K member Raz-B for saying he is a homosexual on Twitter. He also took shots from Rihanna and Maybach Music Group artist Meek Mill.



  1. I’m starting to believe the Raz B accusations. Breezy acts like a female. The way he rages and spazzes out on Twitter over the drop of the dime is very suspect to me.

    1. But Brian McKnight came at him first. So he was supposed to be quiet because that’s what straight men do? Don’t defend themselves? I’m not a fan but I can’t fault him for wanting to address some major shade thrown his way. Besides, he’s been picked on and thrown under the bus for the last few days.

  2. This is a hot azz mess! I guess we have to watch artists act ghetto on Twitter so they can stand any chance of selling records. I hate that music has been reduced to this. Twitter is the devil.

  3. I knew he was going to say something. LMAO and it gave me life!! Brian started it and yes Chris finished it. Can’t be mad at the young man for standing up for himself.

  4. All of this was childish. Brian was too old to even take it there. I get that he was frustrated and I see where he’s coming from but this was too low for him to stoop. From the raunchy music to the Twitter spats, it just seems like he’s going through a midlife crisis.

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