Clubbing Can Land You a Boob Job if You’re in the Right Place

A trip to the club could qualify you for a free set of new breasts, since the ones you have now aren’t big enough.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Sometimes a picture can say a thousand words and invoke a thousand feelings. Then there are some moments, when a picture says only a few words…and these few words paint a valid picture. And by this one picture sent to me by one of our beloved readers, it is apparent that we live in a society that continues to tell women we are not good enough and we could also use a pair of bigger titties.

At a local club in Tampa, Florida; women are being encouraged to compete in a bikini contest. As with any bikini contest, there always has to be a prize big enough to encourage women to forsake their dignity and submit themselves to being merely sexual objects for complete strangers and entertainment to random men in shabby clubs.

The prize for this contest was a life changing, boob altering one:

I understand that it is completely at the discretion of a woman to decide what she wants to do with her own body. If a woman wants to tuck, pluck, or cut into her limbs and girly parts; it is completely a choice every woman has a right to make. There is simply nothing better than living in a society that affords women the right to make choices with our own bodies.

But with that being said, there is nothing more ratchet than the club that hands out breast augmentations like biscuits to a 2 piece chicken dinner. The mere fact that this place is still even open shows that most women have succumbed to the perception that the physical is way more important than anything else they have to offer. And it is so important that they are willing to give away free boob jobs like a coupon to make sure you look the way they want you to look.

Have we as a society really gotten to the place where we feel the need to award women with free plastic surgery? Tampa sure says so.




  1. Yeah I agree with peachy, it is sad but I’m sure a lot of women showed up BECAUSE they knew they could win free plastic surgery. We live in a very superficial society, so none of this shocks me.

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