Why Romeo Miller’s Publicist Wants You to Think He’s Dating Angela Simmons

lil romeo dating angela simmons

The media and Romeo’s publicist want you to believe he is dating Angela Simmons. However, the former publicist in me is not buying it.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nothing is more important to a celebrity than their image. And when it comes to the acting business, your image can very well make or break your career, and your ability to find work. Black actors and actresses can easily find themselves out of a role or from even being considered for major roles in African-American films if they have a risky image. And nothing can kill a career faster than getting pissing off black women. This is evident with the notorious demise of the careers of former heart throbs such as Wesley Snipes, Tyrese Gibson, and Terrence Howard.

Romeo Miller is the handsome offspring of Master P, a former rap mogul. He started off making kiddie rap songs like Bow Wow became known for, and later joined the ranks of Nickelodeon and got into television. After a stint in college, he is trying his hand at acting again. His last role was that of a heart throb in Jumping the Broom.

He is looking for work, but recent appearances on the urban blogs may put a halt to that. And it is not because he has been caught up in some major scandal, but he has been getting the side eye from black women with his latest dating choices.

Since he has been spotted by the paps, none of the women on his arm have been black.

And by the looks of the comment threads on the major urban gossip blogs, that is a problem black women are increasingly noticing.

So what better time to switch up your dating habits or at least appear to be doing so?

romeo miller likes white girls

The staff says: We have little doubt that this is anything besides a convenient photo opp to keep Romeo Miller in the good graces of black women. By at least appearing to have dated a black woman (Angela Simmons) now he can go back to his women of choice and he won’t be penalized because he did “try to date” a sister.

I’m not knocking the young man’s hustle, but the motive just seemed so obvious. And lastly, the timing is just too convenient.

What do you guys think? Could this be a real romance? Vote in the poll below.

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  1. I don’t believe this either. Date whoever you want. Honestly, Romeo we don’t care. You’re nothing but a little eye candy.

  2. Those Simmons sisters sure do get around! My goodness, especially Angela. She was just dating a white boy last month. This is probably just a stunt, but if it isn’t, you have to wonder why Angela keeps hopping form dude to dude.

  3. Angela is one of those pretty girls that can never see when she’s being used. I feel bad for her sometimes. But Romeo ain’t fooling me, he hasn’t given a sista any play since pre-school.

  4. Romeo obviously needs to brush up on his acting skills because even a blind person could see this date was fake a mile away. Nice try though.

  5. I really wish these celebs would stop the fakeness all the time. This young man can date whoever he wants, as long as he’s bringing his A game when it comes to his work. I would love a handsome black man to want to be with a black woman, but it is his prerogative. Whatever,

  6. They just look like friends to me most likely doing each other a favor. He needed the photo opp and she needs to look desired because we all know Vanessa is the prettier one and considered the sex symbol out of the two.

  7. I guess I’m in the minority lol. I actually think they do have something going on. Romeo hasn’t really been in the spotlight since he was little. You can’t say he likes only white girls because the two times he was photographed he was kicking it with white girls.

  8. I definitely don’t think this is a real because I would think if he did decide to date a sister, she’d be flyer than Angela Simmons. She has a lot of money but she always looks basic. Just my 2 cents.

  9. He’s fine but he seems like the typical black male celebrity. He doesn’t find much beauty in black women. But don’t try to use us to advance your career. That’s low if that is what he’s doing.

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