Kim Kardashian is the Second Most Hated Person in America

Kim Kardashian was named the second most hated person in America according to a New York Post poll.

By: A.J. Niles


Kim Kardashian must make plenty of Americans angry,  as she was named the second most hated person in America by the New York Post.

Kim Kardashian, who is currently dating Kanye West, only trailed Casey Anthony and beat out suspected child molester Jerry Sandusky, former Presidential Candidate John Edwards and Tiger Woods.

The New York Post received over 9,000 online votes for their poll.

Kim, who is a reality TV star after becoming known from a sex tape with R&B singer Ray J, remains a hot topic in the media. She drew ire from many people after she filed for divorce from New Jersey Net Kris Humphries after only 72 days of marriage. She is now dating Kanye West, according to various sources, even though her divorce with Kris is not finalized.

Most recently, she is rumored to be reading books as a way to impress her current boyfriend. Kim is also rumored to be using her relationship with Kanye as a way to get closer to Beyonce’. Beyonce, ironically was named one of the most powerful mothers in the world and People magazine’s most beautiful woman in the world.  Kim and her mother, Kris Jenner, would like to use the relationship with Kanye and friendship with Beyonce as a way to boost ratings for their reality shows on Bravo. However, Beyonce has not been receptive to the relationship.



  1. All of this unnecessary hatred of this woman is not healthy. She is making lemons out of lemonade and she is a fashion trendsetter.

    1. According to this poll, you’re in the very ignorant minority. People don’t hate her because they’re jealous. Most deem her and her entire family pathetic. There’s nothing great about a woman who’s entire fortune is based off her mother’s pimping abilities and her daughter’s sex tape.

      1. How can it be the whole country when only 9,000 people were polled? And her reality show is one of the most watched shows on tv. The people in this poll are just haters.

        1. Do you read the comment section on the white blogs? You’re delusional. It’s BLACK PEOPLE keeping the Kardashians ratings high! Peachy is right, most of the country hates her! We’re the reason she won’t go away! Stop drinking the damn kool aid.

  2. Can’t even say I’m surprised. Kim gets on most of the world’s nerves because she is famous for absolutely nothing other than a sex tape. She has not sat her behind down anywhere since she appeared in the video. I’m sick of her and I wish we all could just escape her and her whole family. Great going Kanye.

  3. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again here. Kim is rich because black people make her rich. Most of white america are in agreement that this girl and her family are nothing but trash. Meanwhile, black men and gullible black women see this airhead as attractive and “fabulous.” And to that I say, raise your standards people. Not only are we keeping the Kardashians on the air, we’re also keep Basketball Wives on VH1. And why hasn’t Kim had a white man date her in public or marry her? Why only black guys? Easy, because they know trash when they see it while these black men are too busy chasing her because she isn’t black.

  4. “Most recently, she is rumored to be reading books as a way to impress her current boyfriend.”

    LMBO! She never read them before? SMH!

  5. I would just like to say I’m black and i cannot stand this b-tch.My family doesn’t watch this..stop saying race determines show ratings..stfu

  6. Am black and not all the blacks like kim,i swear if she can come to Nigeria she will be stone to death Because people really really hate her and they dont even like her tv show so stop insulting blacks Cause not all of us are that senseless as kanye.

  7. Hey am Trish, the person I hated the most was Kim but now is kylie.that family is so b-tchy.for that fool who spoke abt blacks liking her coz she is white, ooo u don’t forget that the most respected women in the world is a black woman Michelle Obama n beyonce n the hated woman in the world obviously a white Kim.ohhh what a pity for u guys hav to go hide proud to be a nigro

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