Caption This: So Does Nas’ New Album Cover Mean He Isn’t Over Kelis?

Rapper Nas revealed the cover to his new album yesterday, and now many question if he has managed to get over his ex wife, singer Kelis.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Legendary Hip Hip artist Nas has released the album artwork for his upcoming album, Life Is Good, which is set to be released on July 17. Although many are anticipating the rapper’s tenth studio solo album, the album cover has been met with mixed reactions, most being harsh criticisms as many are beginning to wonder if Nas has ever managed to get over his failed marriage with R&B singer Kelis. Although the two divorced in 2009, the failed marriage has been a constant sore spot for Nas, and a subject he still has not appeared to move past emotionally.

On the controversial album cover, the rapper is seen holding a green dress in his lap, similar to ex wife Kelis’ wedding dress that the rapper revealed she left in the closet on the day she walked out on him.

nas life is good album cover

In addition to the album’s artwork, Def Jam, Nas’ music label, also released an accompanying trailer focused on the rapper’s upcoming studio album.

The clip, which lasts approximately a minute and a half, reveals the symbolism behind the green wedding dress, excerpts from Nas’ Behind the Music segment; in which Nas explains what a very public divorce meant for him emotionally.

As the trailer touches on other monumental moments and obstacles in his life, Nas’ album title perfectly sums up how the rapper currently feels about his life. Despite the problems, he feels he is in a pretty good place and his return to making good music is proof of that.

So what do you think of Nas’ new album cover? Does this mean he is still not over his messy divorce with Kelis? Or could it mean that he has finally managed to make peace with the one situation in his life that did not go as peaceful as he had hoped it would?


  1. I don’t think it’s that he isn’t over her, but he’s not over the embarrassment of the whole situation. Everyone thought he and Kelis would be another Jay and Bey, so it’s kind of like the failure of it all is something he has a hard time dealing with.

  2. Nas is a dope MC. With that being said, he’s a bit of a fame whore. He feels like he needs a little controversy to sell albums. I think he is over Kelis, but having the dress on the album cover gives him the buzz he needs to sell those records.

  3. I think he’s over Kelis, but still disappointed about the divorce itself. I think he’s dating someone else anyway, because I saw some pictures on a few blogs not too long ago. I don’t mind Nas pulling stunts, as long as he keeps producing classic albums. I will def cop this album regardless of what he’s talking about in the interviews.

  4. I take the album cover to mean that he is over her. The dress probably symbolizes that despite her leaving, he’s good. He’s come to terms with it and she’s the good in the bad.

  5. I don’t think this means he still wants to be with Kelis either. Looks like the total opposite. I agree with the person above me that said he’s kind of saying he’s good despite the marriage not working.

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